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Something that has always bugged me is the fires in this game. They get lit and burn, brilliant, but when they reach the end of their burn time, they snuff out like a candle, which is wholly unrealistic.

Now I have come up with two concepts that compliment each other.

The first is, that in the last 10 minutes of the fires life, the fire dims down to embers before extinguishing, giving a whole lot more of a realistic atmosphere to the fire.

Secondly, I another aspect that annoyed me was the instantaneous disappearance of warmth after it went out. This is contrary to every law in the book of thermal physics. It would be better if the heat persisted in the room for another half hour, degrading at the same rate as the player would in the base temperature of the room.

This would also introduce the concept that the stove remained hot, not enough to boil water or cook food, maybe enough to melt 0.5l of snow (then it would change to a cold stove) but the embers inside would laso allow the player to relight the fire without using a match, just a tinder plug and some fuel.

To prevent abuse, this phenomena would only last for 15 in game minutes before the embers died beyond use.

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In addition to this, I think that the chimney in the trappers homestead should only smoke if a fire is active inside.

There should also be a function to open or close the air vent in the stove. When it is fully open the fire can be used to boil water, melt snow and cook food. When the vent is closed to a draught slit, the fire does not burn hot enough to perform the functions earlier mentioned, however the fire will last for a long period of time. for example, a length of fir wood will burn for 1 and a half hours on an open draught slit. on a closed draught slit, however the wood to burn for 6 hours. this allows for the player to exit the building and gather more firewood and returning without the fire going out. this will allow the player to manage resources much more efficiently. I would also like to see the addition of a container for firewood, which updates its in game appearance when filled with logs. This container would take the appearance of a basket, so would not be too difficult to create an appearance of that would possibly change over time. But returning to the original point, a player could leave a fire burning for a long period of time (24 hours plus) provided enough fuel was left behind.

fyi i have managed to write out this entire response using my tablet`s dictate function.

Skynet for the win.

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