Parallel Dimension House v147

Bill Tarling

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Entered this house through the main front door. Store a bunch of meat in the freezer and looted the house.

Went out the back door in the kitchen (porch) and came back in backdoor. Checked freezer, everything was gone... looked around and all other items I had dropped in the house were gone... then noticed none of the containers had been looted.

Re-looted house, went out back door, circled house and came back in the front door. Checked freezer, and all my meat was back, plus all items I had dropped the first time were back. I dropped all my supplies from the backdoor version of the house, and went out the back door again.

Came back in through back door, and I was back in the empty 2nd house version. Exited out back door again, circled house, came in front door -- all my supplies from both door versions were here.




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