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New animations, for pretty much everything you do, in the same vein as the rabbit killing or the hardcase inspecting in story mode.

Why? Because I showed this game to quite a lot of people, praising it, but as they were seeing a video and not playing it, most told me it looks kind of dull and still to them and therefore not appealing to try out.
Now, when you are playing you don't care that much because you're thinking about other stuff, but it is true that animation for harvesting animals or starting fires or picking stuff up, even breaking branches, would be quite more pleasing to view, specially as you have to wait for the actions to be done anyway.

I'm sure the team has discussed this already but that's just my two cents.

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It is true that animations would make the game more appealing to watch. But time spent on them could be used to add more things into the game, it is a matter of what should be a priority. 
The game might be more appealing to new players but to let the old ones keep enjoying it, it needs to get new stuff every once in a while. And Hinterland is an indie studio, they don't have the resources of the big PC companies which have the luxury to focus on more things. 

Also, what keeps on giving more? The new content which broadens your possibilities in the game, or the same animations you see over and over and over when you play?

At some point, I expect they will focus more on animations.

What I think could greatly help is if the game had some demo for free to play, or if there was a Steam "weekend to play for free" kind of offer to lure the new players in and let them try out if this game is something they would like to play.

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