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Hey guys

It was mentioned on the other board  that there is a bug when loading a saved game. I am currently playing a sandbox game on Forlorn Muskeg with just 2 matches left at 60 days in. I had a bunch of water boiled at my my base (about 10 liters or so) on my saved game just before  the Wintermute update. When I first loaded the game there was only 2 liters of it when the game loaded up. I was fine with it so I built another fire using up one my precious matches and boiled a whole bunch of water again. Then I shut the game down and loaded it up today to find once again my water was gone again. Is this new wrinkle a bug or is it a new game mechanic that you can't keep a whole bunch of water on the floor etc. Can I boil a bunch of water and store in containers and when the game loads up it will be still be there? 

Anyway also  asking for all those interloper players out there as well as water is a very valuable commodity and some interloper games would be greatly conprimised if the player can't conserve matches at times.

Have a great day 

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