Consumable Whetstones & Tool Degradation (Balance Suggestion)


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Posted this on r/thelongdark before I realized the devs were no longer there:

I realize that 5% degradation is a game play balance mechanic and that as your skill improves you get far more tool repair per 5% whetsone consumption.

That being said, whetstones literally last decades irl. Saw a pic last week of a professional prep cook & her whetstone of 20 yrs last week on reddit. Wish I could find the link :(

Again irl, a 1/2 hour on a stone & you should be able to shave with your knife if you have halfway decent skill.

So, onto my suggestion. Buff whetstones immensely - maybe 0.05% to 0.10% degradation per use.

To balance this? Nerf tool 'sharpness'. Chop a few limbs with a hatchet? Time to sharpen -(maybe 100% to 80% in game mechanics, after 3 to 4 hardwood limbs or the equivalent.) Degradation slows greatly after this but the time req'd to complete the task dramatically increases. A sharp (between 100% to 90% ish) knife can harvest a cardboard box in 2 mins. A dull knife (90% to 60%) can do it in the average between a sharp knife & by hand. A very dull (less than 60%) knife? Might as well break down that box by hand ...

Another user (u/aphacsgotrading) suggested an increasing chance of injury with dull / very dull tools.  Completely agree with him.




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