#234 Cannot light storm lantern when Interface is turned off


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Somehow, the character does not know how to light a storm lantern when it is not displayed in the interface. You can press the LMB for as long as you like, the lantern will not alight.

Edit: The same problem exists for lighting a flare when the interface is disabled.

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When the HUD is disabled. When you go to options and turn the HUD off, you no longer can light the lantern or the flare.

I just tried and was unable to reproduce. I've equipped and lit both the flare and lantern after equipping from the inventory menu, as well as by direct hotkey callup of each item. In each case there was no problem equipping and lighting them with the HUD option set to none.

Is it possible you may have changed one of the binding keys (or it may have been left blank if the same trigger buttons/keys were assigned to something else)?

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