[Resolved] The Trust system. Either it's bugged, or I'm disappointed


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I gave some general feedback about episode 1 here, but I wanted to discuss the Trust system in more detail.

While playing episode 1 I felt Trust fit with the scenario quite well: city boy pilot crashes in the wilderness and doesn't know a thing about survival, tools, crafting, etc.  Meets an old lady, earns her trust and in return she teaches him a few things.  Great immersion, bit-by-bit I'm transforming Will from a wilderness noob to a survivor.  I didn't need the rabbit mitts yet, but I thought "hurray!" anyway.  Great unlock, even if it's a Will-only unlock, because that knowledge might come in useful down the road.  I did the tasks to get to 375 trust with the Grey Mother before finishing the episode.

Next episode I met Jerimiah and checked his trust rewards right away.  Awesome, more crafting recipes!  By the time I finish all the episodes in the story I'm going to be a helluva survivor.  

And then I opened the workbench... no rabbitskin gloves recipe.  :(  Not from the crafting page in the UI either.  Ouch, I feel like I "earned" that knowledge through my gameplay.  Now I'm asking myself, how much should I bother with Trust?  The map unlock, side quests and lore bits were nice, but the caches and gear were merely nice-to-haves.  In the right situation the crafting recipes could be great, but how often will my need intersect with knowing the recipe -- given how fleeting that knowledge is?

Is this a bug?  Because if it's by-design, what's the point of locking crafting behind trust?

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