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Hi Survivours and Hinterlanders,

Like everyone else on here I was sooo excited to get home from work yesterday to try out Wintermute, and oh my god, was I excited. 

Love the story elements so far, the rich back story is captivating and really tells alot in such a short amount of time.

I just have a few thoughts about some things;
I'd like to say im a veteran of TLD, but man oh man did it take me the longest time to figure out you have to


prepare the rosehips before making the tea, I actually thought my game had glitched lol, I figured it out eventually, but perhaps there should be more of an explanation to crafting (maybe there was and I totally missed it, but if there was, maybe it should be more prominent?). 

Anyways, after diying (alot) between day 4-6 (damn wolves and hypothermia) the game crashed alot when loading a save after death on Xbox.


Eventually after reaching Milton and meeting the Grey Mother, loved loved loved the encounter by the way, great voice acting and story telling, but the scene finished and switched to a non voice acted, interactive text story. I just wondered if Hinterland had any thoughts about making all dialogue voice acted and animated?


I can't wait to explore the rest of this amazing region and all it's stories. You guys have done an amazing job with the environments by the way!

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