Two early-game bugs (day 3->4, and 5/6)


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At long last, Story mode!  Having a ball so far.  Just two bugs that required reloading from last checkpoint and replaying two days, early on in "Do Not Go Gentle".


First, at the end of Day 3, where you have to make a 9-hour fire.  I was crouched next to the fire and facing it when I warmed up and triggered the end of the day.  When day 4 began, I burned to death, because I "spawned" half a step closer, into the fire, and was locked by the day's narrative.  When I replayed Day 3, I made sure I was well away from the fire and facing to one side (just in case), and everything went fine.

Then, when I crawled out of the ravine, I moved up towards the hanging plane to inspect it, thinking I might find some plot clue in the plane itself.  I ended up stuck between the broken piece of plane, the tree and the rock that sit just underneath and to the left of the fuselage (as you initially face it).  With no way to climb out of the little depression these three terrain features form, I had to reload from checkpoint. 

I hope this is useful, and at the very least might warn other players off from the same grisly fate I met (namely, losing like five minutes of real-time.)  :)

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@Dougie - once you make a fire that has a duration of 9 hours or longer, it should trigger your next goal, which is just to "warm up by the fire for awhile".  That part really only lasts a few seconds before it will trigger the next day, so I'm guessing you might not have gotten the fire up to a long enough duration?


On to the main topic, I just bumped into another issue, on the ice under the bridge to Milton, a little ways downriver from the waterfall.  I simultaneously picked up a stunned rabbit and threw a rock (actually by accident as I rushed to click on the rabbit before it recovered), and ended up stuck there.  I can hear the rabbit 'chirping', but I can't do anything, and my cold meter is plummeting.  I will likely have to reload this save as well.

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