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  1. The custom settings are notoriously tricky, with a few that are either worded badly or don't seem to work as intended. The fact that clicking through the pre-existing difficulty modes' settings in Custom mode clearly don't line up with their actual values is a well-known issue. I've personally had some trial-and-error trouble trying to get the loot levels correct, as there are several moving parts there and how they interact isn't 100% clear. I'm quite sure they're aware and are almost certainly working on it. It takes time, issues are usually not fixed in one patch from when they are discovered, but I've been hanging around for years now and it seems to me that they'll get to it. Right now they're tuning up Episodes 1-2, they just dropped Vigilant Flame, and ostensibly Ep3 is on the horizon, so their small team probably has their hands full. But I don't doubt this fix will come around on the wheel.
  2. Good evening sir! Do you have a moment to speak about our lord and savior, Ursa Major?
  3. I feel like there should be a "dipping" animation to simulate a trip and fall. That would be explanation enough to satisfy most players, and avoid the appearance of the Fracture Fairy coming to visit every other day. As it stands now I'm concerned that Will is breaking his own fingers to keep the painkiller train rolling.
  4. +1, same thing happened to me. Truly, the rabbit had the last laugh.
  5. @Dougie - once you make a fire that has a duration of 9 hours or longer, it should trigger your next goal, which is just to "warm up by the fire for awhile". That part really only lasts a few seconds before it will trigger the next day, so I'm guessing you might not have gotten the fire up to a long enough duration? On to the main topic, I just bumped into another issue, on the ice under the bridge to Milton, a little ways downriver from the waterfall. I simultaneously picked up a stunned rabbit and threw a rock (actually by accident as I rushed to click on the rabbit before it recovered), and ended up stuck there. I can hear the rabbit 'chirping', but I can't do anything, and my cold meter is plummeting. I will likely have to reload this save as well.
  6. At long last, Story mode! Having a ball so far. Just two bugs that required reloading from last checkpoint and replaying two days, early on in "Do Not Go Gentle". First, at the end of Day 3, where you have to make a 9-hour fire. I was crouched next to the fire and facing it when I warmed up and triggered the end of the day. When day 4 began, I burned to death, because I "spawned" half a step closer, into the fire, and was locked by the day's narrative. When I replayed Day 3, I made sure I was well away from the fire and facing to one side (just in case), and everything went fine. Then, when I crawled out of the ravine, I moved up towards the hanging plane to inspect it, thinking I might find some plot clue in the plane itself. I ended up stuck between the broken piece of plane, the tree and the rock that sit just underneath and to the left of the fuselage (as you initially face it). With no way to climb out of the little depression these three terrain features form, I had to reload from checkpoint. I hope this is useful, and at the very least might warn other players off from the same grisly fate I met (namely, losing like five minutes of real-time.)
  7. Why all the trepidation about the game playing out like the challenges? Personally speaking, that's exactly what I want. For instance, say the next step in the story is "go into this empty town and look for someone". The town is up the road, but it's open-ended how you get there and how you approach. Maybe you march right there, maybe it takes a few days of waiting out storms and gathering food that you're low on, maybe you loop around and approach from the rear, maybe you see something neat down a hill and go get lost and die in a blizzard. It acts like a string of challenges one after the other - I have long presumed that the challenges were "practice goes" for Story Mode. No way would they build this groundbreaking open-world survival system and then fence you in. I'm sure they'll just give us close-range destinations dotted across the landscape, so that noobs don't get hopelessly lost. The challenges were clearly written for folks who know the maps inside and out.
  8. I'm curious to know - and I ask this without any snark! - whether you have experience shooting. I'm an enthusiast, having been shooting rifle, pistol and shotgun since I was pretty little (thanks Pops). While firing from a standing position especially, sway is the name of the game. A major pillar of firearm skill, after basics like stance, breathing and follow-through, is staging the trigger while it swerves wildly over your target, and finishing your press at the exact second that it wanders over your desired point of impact. From my experience, I believe the unrealistic portion to actually be the behavior at higher skill levels. They simulate the ability to deal with sway by reducing it, which is a fully acceptable "game-ism". In truth, that movement never actually goes away.
  9. While that's true, in this case I had previously seen two around, and later harvested two bodies - so this was a lunch rush and not a single repeat customer. I mainly got hit twice because I was still in denial that they'd come into the broken half-house while a fire was going in that corner stove.
  10. Dang, I had no idea this was possible! Very cool attention to detail on Hinterland's part - and a game-changer for living in the Quonset Garage.
  11. I am terrified of eating mushrooms in the wild. Even living in a region where Laetiporus Sulphureus ("Chicken of the woods") grows, I don't trust myself to pick 'em even if I'm 99% sure I'm looking at fungus chickens. Wasn't mushroom mis-identification a factor in the death of Chris McCandless (of Into The Wild fame)?
  12. I feel that it doesn't need to be more complicated than the Cabin Fever affliction calculations. Instead of being keyed off of the amount of time spent indoors over a period of days, it would be keyed off of the amount eaten over a period of days. Say, if you only ate 500 calories a day or less, that would be akin to staying indoors all day for Cabin Fever. Even if you pack away a bear steak on the fifth day, if you had barely eaten on days one through four, your overall consumption for that period can still put you in danger. A Starvation Warning ("Weakening" or similar) percentage begins climbing, falling with food eaten, until you either squelch it with food - or the Starvation affliction begins at 100%. Starvation incurs a serious Fatigue loss multiplier, that lasts until you fill your stomach meter completely and sleep for so many hours. The Fatigue mechanic has already built in everything that hunger should affect (carry weight, wolf struggle results, sprint bar, climbing), so there's no need for new or additional systems. Essentially it's an expansion of what's already in place (as long-term starvation already incurs a minor fatigue loss) - just a bit more dramatic, implemented as an affliction to notify the user, and presenting a risk that doesn't vanish by nibbling on crumbs. But that's my take. There are some great ideas and discussion in this thread!
  13. It's just the roll of the dice. 1% is not zero percent, unfortunately: you just got hit sooner rather than later.
  14. Resurrecting the thread for more silly BS. Today we'll discuss a new selectable mode, delivered in an update publicly called Deliberate Ranger, but internally code-named "Obnoxious Realism". Whetstones now come in two types: Coarse and Fine. Coarse may be used on tools from 0-70% condition, while Fine may be used on tools from 71-99% condition. You spawn with a half-liter Steel Canteen that weighs 0.5kg. It allows you to melt and boil up to 0.5L of water at a time. If you want to boil more in one go, you need to find the metal pans (1kg, boils 1L) or Iron Pots (2kg, boils 2L), that usually spawn in kitchens. Firewood carried on your person through a blizzard now gets wet the same way clothes do, and can't be used for a fire until dried. Likewise, firewood harvested outdoors has a chance of being wet and must be dried inside for a few hours. Your initial carry weight is reduced to 20kg, because you don't start with a backpack. You must find one out in the world in order to restore the normal 30kg carry weight. Stumps now have a 10% chance of spawning dangerous mushrooms that look like Reishi, but are a slightly different color. Drinking the Reishi tea this makes immediately gives you food poisoning. If you already had food poisoning, it resets any progress made on curing it (requiring another dose of antibiotics or actual reishi, plus the hours of sleep required are reset to 10). The heat fires give off now decays as the fire burns down. No more 30+ degree embers. All interior caves now have a 1% chance, rolled daily, to spawn a wolf or bear. Carrying a heavy load makes you noisier and increases the wolf aggro range, using the 'scent' mechanic while you're moving. Cloth is now divided into Wool Cloth and Cotton Cloth, and many pieces of clothing will require one or the other for repairs. Animal skins that are harvested now require an extra step to Flesh them, which takes an hour, before they will begin curing. You can now pull pictures off of walls and hang them up elsewhere, but due to time constraints this can only be done with the "Heart Pancake" picture. Edit: Boiling water should result in a 10% loss in volume due to evaporation. How did I miss that? Double Edit: All soda and bottled water found in the world should be frozen at first, requiring thawing by a fire (same time and sound effect as melting snow) (Full disclosure: I'd probably play this mode. But there's no way in hell that it would go over well if forced onto the general population.)
  15. I do think the rabbit stun time should be reduced. Tossing a stone that might even bounce once or twice before bopping a bunny should knock it over for second or two - gotta be quick, or they'll recover and sprint off. Perhaps if the rock doesn't bounce, meaning it's a straight pitch right into the rabbit, the stun time would be similar to the current state. I feel like you should be able to hold down the left mouse button to wind up for a sterner throw, which will stun the rabbit longer but also change the trajectory, making it a skill factor. Either way, in interloper, I feel like all the rabbit meat in the world won't help you if you don't have matches to cook with. It might make the interloper mid-game easier, but as mentioned above, it seems like that's offset a bit by the smell mechanic.