[RESOLVED] No voice sound while first Milton cutscene is playing


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CLARIFICATION:  This issue refers to missing voiceover audio during the cutscene, when you are just watching and not in control of your character.  Not after.

When entering the Grey Mother's house I get the cutscene.  I can hear the gunshot, boards creaking underfoot, and wind noises.  But no voices at all.  I tried pressing ESC to breakout and reload the game but my progress was saved so I can't repro without restarting the story.  

Can I recover from this?  Rewind to before this point so I can experience this part of the story?   I have no idea what was said and I really want to know.  (If this answer is "start over", I'd do that just so I don't miss out.)

Where / how should I bug the issue?   I checked the Jira bug base and found I could file it there.  Attached dxdiag and ep1story1 files.  Let me know if you need more info.



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Audio > Voice was the solution.  And I must add that the open world parts of the story are much better with voice too. :)

There's still a minor issue here, however.  I was able to hear dialog in the Astrid's Metal Case and Plane Crash cutscenes when Audio > Voice was set to zero, so the application of the setting is not consistent.

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55 minutes ago, Zeppelin said:

Well, I thought that the voice acting was for the cutscenes only, because when I start a conversation after the cutscene, the voices are gone. Is that the meaning? It makes sense, I guess?

I think that part is by design.  Just text for the various options, not voice.

The issue I encountered was within the actual cutscene: camera switching between the speakers, lips moving, but no voice sound.  

42 minutes ago, randomsurvivor said:

I'm talking to  the first npc in Milton and voice is gone, major break of immersion

Yep that's when it happened for me.  What is your Audio > Voice setting, under Options?   Mine was turned all the way down.

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3 hours ago, ChillPlayer said:

Are the conversations supposed to be with voice, the ones where you chose a text an click "next"? Because I hear nothing then, breaks immersion indeed.

I don't think so.  My own issue was before that -- during the cutscene. 

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