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  1. Yeah.. It is what it is , cheesy start but lets see what comes next shall we
  2. Died in in her house for thirst hunger and whatnot, enough of first session, looks great
  3. wheres your bed "grey mother"? id like to sleep in it.. not with you tho
  4. It is, but id say positive weird tho, just replied to that no audio topic, that my immersion was gone when at point where you choose questions my audio was completely gone and it feels broken.. or is it intentional i dont know.
  5. I'm talking to the first npc in Milton and voice is gone, major break of immersion
  6. Milton finally! <3 warm bed, beer and what could weary traveler want!
  7. Didnt find Milton yet but goddamn deer decided to say hello and bumped straight to me, i guess it likes me or something
  8. Yeah... on my way to Milton too, im so happy when if/when I finally see the damned "city" :D,, its getting really dark and my hopes are getting low for this checkpoint run oh well, next try
  9. Sorry, my mistake Yeah, after the cave section i was lost because i was low on health , no bedroll to sleep, wolves everywhere, could have slept in car(perhaps) if i knew i found sewing kit somewhere on the way...
  10. What do you mean about "starting with a sleeping bag"?
  11. Hello! Im new to forums, but I have fair amount of gameplay(120 hours) before this major story release and coming out " to the open" . My initial thoughts on story mode is that wow I'm impressed.. I just had to restart story mode because i wasnt satisfied how i was doing, it deceives those who are familiar with beta to think your just gonna rush through all of it... wrong!! Found myself in pretty sh***y situation that i just couldn find a way out..So It must be hard game for those who just bought it now and so on.. Also, its really nice that finally theres some story(duh, its story mode after all) after all these countless hours of wandering and surviving.. i dont have high hopes for it being a story of the century but it should be good enough Almost forgot, new intro music is freaking sweet ! So how do you feel about it?