Waiting for Winter...

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Hi all,

     I bought this game last year on early release on Steam and I love it. I've been watching all the updates and activity over the summer and I'm waiting for the nights to start drawing in, and for winter to arrive so I can give this game the attention it deserves. Doesn't seem right, playing this game in the summer....

Thanks to Hinterland for an awesome experience. And now a film, too, maybe. Can't wait to see how that turns out...

Love to all from Somerset, England,


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Why doesn't it feel right to play this game in summer?
This offers another way to cool oneself if the summer is as hot up there in England as it is here a bit down from you in central Europe.
About two years back when I still used to make vids, I played TLD with a webcam and a set challenge - every time I found a piece of clothing, a tool or rifle for my in-game character, I would put similar or same kind of clothing on myself, so I would be sort of matching with my played character.

Not long after I had pretty much solid winter clothes in game and I was wearing the same gear in real life behind the PC. It was also a middle of summer, and even though I had a fan in the background blowing some semi-hot air on me (so I was sort of "cheating"), I was still not suffering (too much) because this game has made me feel chilly a bit. 

(The idea was actually to mimic a lot of things the character did, I literally had 1 white, green, brown and red cup, 1 orange, green and purple soda can and a plastic bottle, all filled with water, ready right on the table next to me, and each time I would drink the respective item in game I was supposed to drink from the same color IRL, but that part of challenge was too much to keep up with, and I missed that quite a bit. :D)

(picture. Why not)

Also, welcome! :D

PS: This game is better than an ice cream on a hot summer day. Well, no, that's a lie, it's more less the same.


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