Questions You're Hoping Christopher Plummer Doesn't Ask You...

Nervous Pete

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"Did you try sleeping for ten hours without a fire in the Mountaineer's Hut?"


"Do you squeal like a mewling infant whenever a wolf comes at you?"

Also yes.

"Did you die after three quenchless days of trying to figure out how to melt snow?"

Yes again.

"Do you ever look up at the cold, indifferent shimmer of the silvery stars and wonder, where the bloody hell am I?"

Look just shut up Mr Plummer.


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5 hours ago, Nervous Pete said:

"Did you die after three quenchless days of trying to figure out how to melt snow?"

That's hilarious because it reminds me of a letsplayer who samples different games every Sunday for an hour or so, and not too long ago tried TLD. I talked him into buying the game when it went on sale. So since he's got three big games going already he tried it for his series he calls Sunday Sampler. Anyway, after awhile in the game he knows his character needs water and he figures out how to make a fire but never does make any water because he thinks he has to first find a pot to melt and boil snow :D He doesn't even try it but he instead leaves the fire to stumble around to try and find a pot. Of course, he never finds one :) He survived his first hour and 16 minutes of gameplay and then ends the session, but he wasn't going to last much longer. Not once, even though he did sleep for a whole night, not once while he walked around endlessly in a storm did he run into a wolf. I was so disappointed in that :D

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I honestly can't say if there is a question I wouldn't want him to ask.

When he asked, "What kind of survivor were you?" It hit me hard, because I asked that question in these forums not long before.  I still feel funny.

I suppose if there was one thing I would be afraid of him not asking, it would be "Would you want to come with me through the wilderness?"

Yes, Chris. Let's survive the quiet apocalypse together.

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