The "Healing Bear Bug" may have returned...


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As I am relatively new, I did not know that at some point in the past there was a time where if you shot a bear and went indoors the bear would never bleed out and die.

I have seen some evidence to indicate this bug may have returned.

I was watching a video on the Mutha (blanking)RickShow where he shot a bear....there was blood...but he never got the kill in his log after sleeping and the bear didn't die...

He calls them "iron bears."

I am pretty sure if you shoot a bear and the shot hits, the bear is supposed to bleed to death and die. He was using a rifle.

So if this was a bug in the past....the same bug may have returned and should be investigated....

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It hasn't so much 'returned' as 'never left'.

There are (fortunately) rare circumstances that can result in animals (not just bears) not dying if you enter a building after shooting them. I've had it happen with a deer and a wolf.

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