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Camp fires should allow us to smoke game and make jerky.

Wet firewood is going to produce more smoke rather than dry firewood.

A small fire made with wet firewood could provide the option to smoke game brought down via rifle/bow.

Mountain men of yesteryear used this as a means to stay warm and keep from starving.

Example: A company of fur trappers might send two men ahead of the company to secure a camp sight, bring down fresh game, gut and bleed it, butcher the best parts of the game, then set around three to four small camp fires. When the men from the company caught up with the two men scouting ahead, they were set to rub salt and spices on the meat from the recently procured game, then smoke it over the fire with small skewers, curing it for travel. It wasn't the best jerky and didn't keep for long, but they had a meal with the recently killed game, and they could munch on the crudely smoked meat while doing what a company of mountain men do: Hunt and gather pelts for sale to Europe. The presence of more fires made it look as though there were more men, deterring an attack from hostiles who may be in the area.

This method could give us the option to keep our meat fresh longer.

Anyone else agree?


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I am also in favor of smoking/drying/preserving meat. There have been discussions of it before, see this topic to look at some of the other ideas around it. Personally I would love to see curing sheds added in to the current maps at fitting locations like the Fishing Camp and Trapper's Homestead. I could also get behind building makeshift drying racks over campfires.

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I am pretty sure you would at the very least need a tripod and some rope (cured gut?) to hang a piece of meat over the campfire if you wanted to smoke & cure it, rather than just having the campfire to do it. 

Personally am more in favor of being able to build curing sheds which would be re-usable.

But in all honesty, is any of this even necessary? Meat spoils pretty slowly if left outside, maybe on Interloper, but I feel like in there, you would have a lot of different issues to be worried about rather than stockpiling food.

Don't see much point in adding "wet firewood" into the game either, we can just assume player purposely rolled the wood in a snow thoroughly to make it wet before curing.

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