My First Time.


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The first time I played this game was on my brother in law's PC way back in 2014. He had showed me before how I could start a new game for myself but I hadn't tried it until this one night. I was babysitting and I was bored. So, I clicked it. There was only Mystery Lake then. I was tired and relaxed and reading the intro and phrase wondering what was going to happen. My brother in law told me zilch about what to expect, just that it was a Canadian survival game.

My character opens his eyes and 'WAMMO!', a wolf jumps me right off the bat! I didn't even have time to look around at my surroundings. I'm not kidding! I'm killed instantly. Just like 'The Hunted' only, it's a wolf!

Wide awake now, I was all like "HELL NO! HOW IS THIS FAIR?!" 'RELOAD' !!

And the rest is history.



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37 minutes ago, Baukster77 said:

:D Lol! How long did you make it the second time?

Oh shoot, I can't remember exactly but I know I died many, many times before I started learning how to live, lol. I stayed up all night that night and was completely hooked, but I knew nothing at all about the game. Then at the beginning of one of those games I woke up right at Dave's Quiet Clearing and then found a gun over on the trail by the corpse there and I remember thinking....Right on, a gun! But of course I found out pretty quickly that I didn't have any ammo, lol. I still had no idea how flares could help me with wolves at that time either. Not long after that I stumbled on to the Camp Office and so that was the game that got me on some actual footing finally. I found out that I could find some pretty good shelter in the game and food and clothes and make a fire and melt snow and stuff. I was so happy to have made it somewhere in the game. I had figured that something had to happen in the game besides dying all the time. It wasn't too long before I died again though, hahaha.

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2 hours ago, Mel Guille said:

Wow, that's a pretty brutal introduction to the game -- makes a good story though. Thanks for persevering!

Yes it was and it was the one and only time that that ever happened to me, but I was wary for a long time afterward when starting a new game, lol. It really got me engaged into the game though because I could see that it was going to be a real challenge. This aint your grandma's video game, lol, and there was no Pilgrim mode in those days. Exploring was always going to be pretty dangerous.

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