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  1. Yikes!!! Pretty scary indeed! You were very lucky to survive!
  2. Wait… I totally forgot about that! I'm in Europe... which timezone is Hinterland in? When does the 4DON starts european time?
  3. Feeling the same!!!!! LOL
  4. Has happened to me too... Usually slows down for a few seconds and then the character starts walking normally again. Also I noticed the character sometimes crouches when I'm sure I didn't touch the ctrl button.
  5. Hoi Lucien! Ik zit al langere tijd op dit forum maar leuk nog een dutchie tegen te komen! ;-)
  6. Thank you Hinterland! Very happy with this update! Especially this one makes a big difference! -> *[ALL] Fixed issue where injured Bears reset their status when players enter an interior or Pass Time.
  7. In the last Milton Mailbag you said you thought about adding a bigfoot/sasquatch to the game, and making the spawn rate so low only 1-2 players would ever see it. Are there 'hidden' things like that already in the game most players aren't aware of?
  8. Do you have misophonia? My sister does... so I know how annoyed people can get when they hear someone eating or drinking... Don't stop playing this game! It's too good to toss it aside! Why don't you mute your character's voice in the options menu? I think that solves the problem....
  9. Thanks for answering my question! But the answer on the bigfoot question... I loved it! I really hope stuff like that makes it into the game.. AND it makes me wonder... are there already things like this in the game that spawn at such a low rate that only a few people have seen it? Question for the next mailbag I guess....
  10. When I started playing the Long Dark a few years ago there worked about 9 people at Hinterland Studio, if I remember well... How many people work there now? Has the studio grown a lot?
  11. The parka doesn't spawn ALWAYS on the summit, not even in pilgrim mode. Nothing is certain in this game. I was playing a pilgrim run, just went to Timberwolf Mountain and searched everywhere... no parka. Got lots of clothing, mostly toques and vests and two marine coats. (noticed very little variety in clothing/items in general, and all the same items were in the same state of detoriation. Maybe it's a bit buggy? Never seen so much of the same items in all the containers!) Have also looked all over DP for the parka, found nothing. I'm playing this game for years and I know where
  12. If you have the urge to kill yourself off, just jump into a ravine. I don't think suicide by painkillers would fit in a game like the long dark. Besides that, I have never seen a corpse with 4 bottles of painkillers next to it, just one max. Long dark places loot items at random, but finding 4 bottles of painkillers next to it would be really weird...
  13. Crouch next time or hide behind a tree after he tramples you. Maybe you have time to get away next time...
  14. YES to this!!!! I am a bibliophile in real life so in the game I can't get myself to burn them. The horror! Often I have to make extra trips back and forth to other maps because I'm determined to bring them all back to my camp. At the moment I've set up camp in Trappers cabin, but I have limited space to put things there. Being able to place a books on a shelf would be great!