Stuck in Forlorn Muskeg, Behind Furnace (Game Ending Glitch)


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I slept is the bed that is above the furnace in Forlorn Muskeg and I woke up on the ground level, behind the furnace. The plank that is visible in my screenshot is blocking my exit and I can't get out any such way.

Because this is my save point I cannot quit and reload my game to fix it. I've tried placing my bedroll outside of my "prison" and sleeping on it, but I just wake up back where I started. I also don't have an axe or the materials to make one so I cannot harvest the plank. 

Unless there's another solution that I'm not aware of, it would appear that this playthrough is over. It's not a huge issue since I'm only 3 days into the game, but I'm now afraid to sleep in that bed in Forlorn Muskeg! 

A nice solution would be the ability to use noclip in the alpha/beta stage. If you don't want it to be easy to cheat the achievement system then make it only usable for three seconds at a time, once every 48 hours. 


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I've tried crouching and all other sorts of things but nothing has worked.

And btw, I am playing through Forlorn Muskeg on my sixth attempt and I just got stuck here AGAIN! This time I can revert to a previous save but I'm worried that I might lose a lot of time...

This isn't even really a bug that needs to be fixed, they just need to remove that single GODDAM PLANK!

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