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As bullets are quite rare/precious in this game, there are a few questions I didn't manage to answer myself so far.
I would appreciate it, if someone could answer me these and help me to get my very first bear kill :)

(1) Do bullets drop with distance?

When I shoot an arrow, I have to aim higher to hit a target that is some distance away. Is that also true with rifles? I know that some games treat arrows and bullets differently. For example, if you ignore dispersion, a bullet usually travels in a perfectly straight line.

(2) Does the game have dispersion?

If bullets travel in a straight line, will I always be able to hit exactly what I am aiming for?

(3) Is there a max distance?

Some games stop the hit-no-hit calculation if there is no obstacle within a certain distance. Meaning that I will still hit my target if I am just below the distance threshold. But once I move a tap bit further away, I won't hit my target, even if my aim was perfect.


- Just some typos.
- Just realized that this would have been better placed inside the "How to Play Questions" section.

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7 hours ago, tentacles said:

- Just realized that this would have been better placed inside the "How to Play Questions" section.

No problem, I'll move your thread.


As for your questions:

1. No, they don't. Bullets in TLD just fly straight, they're not affected by gravity, wind or anything else.

2. I guess so. Unless sway was introduced to rifles in the meantime, that is. Sorry, I haven't played anything but Interloper for months, so I'm not sure what the current state of the rifle is. But if there is sway now, you would definitely notice it.

3. I think there is one, but it's so far away that I personally never had any problems with it. However, I believe we once had a thread about this topic and @selfless found some max range indeed.


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1. Good to know. So I'll just have to directly aim for the head.

3. A max range itself isn't really a problem, as long as I hardly ever have a chance to exceed that limit.


The forum's structure is quite different from others. But that is a good thing because as it is, it is quite thoughtful.
Thanks for moving this thread.

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About Question 2.

Currently (Sandbox Alpha v.393), the rifle's tip and back (can't find the right word?) shift left and right while you aim with it. So it behaves similar to the bow when you have drawn an arrow. I guess that is what you (@Scyraza) referred to as sway? So I can confirm that the rifle does sway.

I didn't notice it playing with Voyageur difficulty when the character has normal condition. I did experience it in Stalker difficulty while my character was freezing, but not while my character had normal condition. So this effect seems to depend on the character's state rather than the game difficulty.

After re-reading my question I must admit that it is quite inaccurate. Let me clarify:

Mount the rifle on a table (so no sway or the like) and use this setup to shoot 100 times at a wall that is some distance away. If there was dispersion, all bullets would hit the wall within a circle around the point the rifle is aiming at. If there was no dispersion, all bullets would hit the center of said circle.

But I think that question is already answered:
- Usually that kind of effect is used to simulate inaccurate aiming or other non-gravity effects.
- There is sway, so there is actually no reason to simulate that effect by dispersion.
- Like you (@Scyraza) wrote in your answer to question 1, wind has no effect on the bullet.

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Your character's level of tiredness or exhaustion affects the sway perceived in the rifle or bow for that matter. At the highest levels of exhaustion, it becomes very difficult to hit the target you are aiming at, at least in the correct location that you are trying to hit. You may hit the animal in a much less lethal area of the body or miss entirely when exhausted. The sway is very pronounced.

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1. Bullets do not drop like a bow's arrows.

2. I think that if your shooting skill is lower you have a chance to miss or something.

3. I think that there is a maximum distance because when I was hunting a bear a while ago, I shot from quite a large distance a few times and none of the shots seemed to hit the bear.

Hope this helped :)

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The max distance is really short, the rifle sways if you are exhausted, no bullet drop. You can tell if you hit by the little skill improvement box that shows up at the bottom right of the screen. Hope this helps!

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