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    Meat Cache

    I really like the idea of revamping the food system, it's one of the only old systems left in the game, and needs some work along with the hunting systems. So it makes sense that they should be updated together! With quartering coming in the next update, it would make sense that the update after added some sort of freezing food catch that stopped the condition loss of food. Of course, possible drawbacks would be constant maintenance to the food catch, and the danger of wolves and bears breaking into it. It might also need repairs after storms, and could cost wood to build
  2. +1 great ideas in this post And if the devs are worried about antler in interloper, make stags very rare, and antler easily breakable, so they can't be reliable.
  3. Possibly one day, but probably not in this update, they are really just polishing and adding in these first person special effects, rather than adding a bunch of new textures to the game
  4. Vulp


    The newsprint paper and the newsprint role give you different amounts of tinder when broken down, so it's not totally useless. It's made somewhat anticlimactic now that we can make our own tinder.
  5. People who can survive with disabilities are easily the strongest and most Bad*** people in the world. I've got high hopes for him
  6. You want to be right up in the wolf's face with a flare, spamming the brandish, holding your ground. That's how I find best results, unless the wolf is indoors.
  7. Moose have probably been pushed back because they are focusing on the AI of all of the animals currently in the game, spare crows.
  8. Have you even read this? It's a community announcement about what they have been working on and what is going to happen over the next three months. There is nothing in the game for a melee hitbox of any weapon, so yes, new hitboxes would need to be made, with a whole new slew of calculations for how effective this weapon would be at killing a wolf or bear or even deer. And if you read the article, besides the rock throwing, all planned updates use models that are already in game with either a redo that you could reuse most of
  9. Mmmm, interesting. I got this bug before the 4 days of night update/event, but never since then. It only happened once to me.
  10. I've noticed this issue too, for whatever reason there is a big rock in the way of where the rope should end. I think it miiiiight be possible to get back to that rope if you scale as far up to the right of the path as possible, then walk along the sheer cliff face towards the rope
  11. The crouch/walk trick is the bug here, not the speed at which you walk.
  12. I don't even want to think of how long it is going to take to upload all of these... Anyways, the first time it happened, I just finished playing in a different save file. So I decided to load up one that I just played the other day, I left myself in Pleasant Valley's Radio control tower hut. I spawned in timberwolf mountain almost a in game month earlier (in game month) on voyager. But when I clicked "load" The loading screen was so short I was startled, and I was put into a little area with some floating object including a hunting rife, a book, a box of ammo and a single cartage, as we
  13. Well, to be fair The long dark is a story driven game without a story, the AI in this game is frankly pretty basic compared to what it could be, and they are working on the full release of the game right now. Hitboxes and collisions aren't something easy to code, especially in a game like this that doesn't really have a physics engine outside of arrows and flares. So they would need to custom code new hitboxes and collisions. After they did that, they need to add in a whole bunch of new animations, and they also need to code in properly placed textures for this new item (As well as making