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Apparently a lot of TVs and most graphics cards (AMD Radeon HD 7800 or later) can do 120Hz 1080P 3D i.e. 60 fps per eye (frame-packed mode). Basically if you have HDMI 1.4b ports you're fine. Note the b is important. HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 1.4a is not 120Hz. Another game I am supporting is adding 3D TV support as people already generally have the hardware and 3D side-by-side support has to be added for the Oculus 'not even been released' Rift support. Basically the Rift takes side-by-side input similar to what Sky3D TV channel in the UK is broadcast as. Side-by-side means in each frame it chops the screen into two halves and displays the picture for the left eye on the left half and the picture for the right eye on the right-hand side. The TV does magic to show you one 3D frame. Most TVs support this mode only at 30 fps per eye @1080P. 30 FPS per eye @1080P is no good. Frame-packed mode is when one frame is for the left eye and the next is for the right eye. It does this 120 times a second to give 60 frames per second for each eye @1080P. So 3D TVs support frame-packed mode at 60 fps per eye, which is much better. Frame-packed is also used by 3D Blu-ray but as film is recorded at 24 fps per eye it 40 times a second. So can Hinterland add it too - 3DTV 1080P 60Hz per eye too since you are already supporting the Rift? Also more people have 3DTVs than vapourware Rifts...



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Didn't understand a bloody thing you said above, BUT my TV can change normal Digital to 3D now, so i can watch ANY program in 3D that i want. I do this with my Xbox, and play COD and the likes in 3D now, and thats not with support for anything. . . I have the Passive glasses and playing Xbox games in 3D is so good, and with HDMI to my LG from my MBP I can play computers in 3D as well.

Seeing this is possible, (and mind you 3D does look good even though it is converted by the TV) why do they need to support it ??

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It's 2D converted to 3D. Similar to standard definition/720P material upscaled/converted to 1080P high definition. It just doesn't look as good. Same with real 3D content, it looks better than 2D converted into 3D. That's why they need to support it.

BTW you'll also find a TV with active shutter glasses will deliver a sharper.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.