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  1. Hi, I am a backer of the game but haven't played yet. I usually like to give a game a good six months to be patched up, so it won't spoil my enjoyment. I was wondering how this is getting on. Are there still lots of bugs/glitches or are most of them ironed out? Thanks Haider
  2. Since head-tracking will be implemented for the rift support. Would be good also to have it for the freetrack protocol so you can use Freetrack, FaceTrackNoIR or Opentrack apps on the PC to be able to do head-tracking. All three use the facetrack protocol and are free. You just use PS-Eye webcam and the free codelaboratories PS-Eye driver for the PC. PS-Eye webcam can run at eat 140 - 180fps in 320 x 240 so you get smooth headtracking motion. With just FacetrackNoIR you can just face track without any IR leds. I use Opentrack and sticking a bit of black perspex that allows near visible light
  3. Don't worry Raphael sometimes it's the limits placed on that brings out your creativity and leads to revolution. Judging by what I have seen you are already stepping out of the box, just run with it and see where it takes you. Obviously you are a group of very talented individuals/group and realize when you can break the rules in a successful way.
  4. Hi Alan, With regard to the AI of NPCs how can you capture that? That's where I see the greatest challenge for TLD. It's going to be the richness of the interaction with other human. For the most of it you would want to avoid contact but then with others you may let your guard down. It's easy to capture that emotion the poignant moments on celluloid with actors and get that across. For the player to make that emotional connection to the game/game-world for the inherent psychological aspects to be addressed the AI and atmosphere will be underpin that. It will be interesting to see the emotions
  5. Hi, I haven't seen to much discussing the the AI and physics of the world. These are the two major factors that will lead to the greatest sense of immersion and allow people to connect to the world. The music, graphics and atmospherics are also part of that but TLD will need the AI and physics to provide the bones on which the meat of the game will be crafted. Thanks Haider PS I'm a backer now, backed this morning (GMT)...
  6. I think you misunderstand what Kickstarter is about. Kickstarter is to kickstart a project not to fund it to completion. From a few dollars upwards. I have three Kickstarter projects to my name Elite Dangerous, Satellite Reign and The Long Dark, though I came through the Paypal sites after the Kickstarters' had seized. You could say I don't necessarily keep my ear to the ground, so tend to miss the initial Kickstarter. I have paid the minimum to get a digital copy of the games in question. My penny in the pot is to help show interest in these projects and help the companies get the necessary b
  7. It's 2D converted to 3D. Similar to standard definition/720P material upscaled/converted to 1080P high definition. It just doesn't look as good. Same with real 3D content, it looks better than 2D converted into 3D. That's why they need to support it. BTW you'll also find a TV with active shutter glasses will deliver a sharper.
  8. Hi, Apparently a lot of TVs and most graphics cards (AMD Radeon HD 7800 or later) can do 120Hz 1080P 3D i.e. 60 fps per eye (frame-packed mode). Basically if you have HDMI 1.4b ports you're fine. Note the b is important. HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 1.4a is not 120Hz. Another game I am supporting is adding 3D TV support as people already generally have the hardware and 3D side-by-side support has to be added for the Oculus 'not even been released' Rift support. Basically the Rift takes side-by-side input similar to what Sky3D TV channel in the UK is broadcast as. Side-by-side means in each frame it chop
  9. CastAR has a VR clip-on that allows it to do full VR.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering where you stand on CastAR support, it's a combined VR and AR system for $285 release date is Sept 2013 with full head tracking and no sickness: - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/technicalillusions/castar-the-most-versatile-ar-and-vr-system Thanks Haider
  11. I'm keen on CastAR. It does VR and AR with proper head-tracking http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/technicalillusions/castar-the-most-versatile-ar-and-vr-system How about support for CastAR. The consumer version should be out for Sept 2014 hence it's not vapourware...