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Hi there,

First I'd like to apologize to Cekivi for my lax in manners. Thank you for subtly reminding me. :-)

So I'd like to introduce myself to the community here before continuing onto the forums.

I am new to the forums and am new-ish to the game. But I guess with all the hours I have put into the game so far I could probably classify myself as fairly experienced. And loving the game.

Now THIS is the kind of game I have been looking for forever..haha. One that doesn't have damned zombies in it and one that's based on real (as it can get) life environments. And whilst I see the devs are going to incorporate themed events (Not really my cup of tea :-) ) I can still enjoy my game whilst others enjoy the extra content simply by taking myself out of time, so to speak.

I'm from down under and I have been around PCs forever. We have a few consoles too but a pc is so versatile. And it stomps, in my opinion, anything else out there for gaming.

The Long Dark has so many possibilities and many have commented on what could and should be implemented so I will just add a couple of possible tips that may not have been mentioned as yet.

People talk about items decaying over time. And meat being an issue. What I found is that if left raw it does indeed age quite quickly. But if you cook it and then throw it outside it doesn't decay. Well, it take a lot longer to. If you bring it back inside and leave it on the floor it does start to get old quicker than being left outside. NB: I didn't actually measure this as I was engrossed in my plans so much but I am sure I am on the mark.

Another little tip is if there is a wolf about, sure, you can lay a quick fire and use some lighter fluid to get it going real quick...or... you could get naked and go at it with your knife till it leaves you along. Heal yourself up, get dressed and go find that dying wolf :-). You could also mix it up a little and chase a deer or rabbit towards a wolf and have them kill it and then you fight the wolf. Two kills with one knife. Sweet. Because I haven't yet found a way to kill Deer or rabbit without a gun or bow and arrow.

Also bears die from one shot of the rifle I have found. Just make sure you are either in the doorway of an ice hut or above it on a very difficult to get to place or ledge. Or at least a place that gives you a way down in the opposite direction from the wounded and very angry bear.


Oh, and if you haven't see the movie 'The Grey' with Liam Neeson in it. Watch it! I wonder what came first, The Long Dark or The Grey? Eerily familiar to the game is it not?


Now I have got to go because my bear blanket is about ready to sew.. ;-)



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