Is leveling up skills necessary to Interloper survival?


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Wondering if gaining skill levels is necessary for longer term (200 days) Interloper survival.  

If not, the skills still seem a counter-productive element to the game, in that the game's only sorta problem is that it gets easier as you go (skills only exacerbate this). -- So I'll avoid going out of my way to gain them.  Otherwise, if they are necessary, I'll get into those books.


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The bonus' of each level do help. (I have not yet reached a 200 day interloper game) However it is a dilemma between going out and getting food/firewood and reading a book.

I do carry one myself and use it to wind down that last hour or so in the day before sleeping or if you are waiting for the last 3% of the wolf pelt to Cure before making your coat.

When it runs out I use it for a fire starter and grab a new one.   

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