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  1. It is to prevent your virtual hands from getting cuts and scrapes during the creation process...
  2. Probably a bit late but in story mode I found a way up onto that plateau without using the rope or the cave. Straight across from the cave on the frozen river (maybe down stream a bit) if you play on the ledges a bit you can get up onto the plateau. Now I have not tried it on any of the survivor modes yet but I am close to it in my current interloper run so I might try it out in the next couple of days.
  3. Good points MarrowStone the more water you get the wetter/frozen you become. I am always looking at my stash of water purifying tabs and am like I should use those. But I have wasted a match to get the fire going and it is easy just to boil it.
  4. While it is probably best to boil that water just in case, if desperate you could probably drink it and be fine. However I think there needs to be a wider discussion on more sources of water. For example I just bashed a hole in the ice to go fishing why can I not just fill up a couple of litres of non potable water? Or all those water falls I keep passing why can i not get some water from there?
  5. PleXD

    Wolf Mechanics

    They were the same before and after the Wintermute update. All I play is interloper before and after the update. Try this next time you play. If a wolf spots you walk the other direction and occasionally look back. Do not pull out your bow (they will attack if you draw the bow). It also does not matter if you have scent either all that does is for the wolves to pick you up from a further distance. If you keep walking and do not stop they will never attack. Sometimes if they go behind a rock or fall to far behind they run to catch up and they can get fairly close so do not stop (or get caught on anything) as they will attack. With the scent the wolves will run towards the location when they first picked it up. As long as you move away from that location they will not attack. For example I was hauling back a load of fresh deer and wolf pelts from broken railway (obviously through FM where I had 2 wolves following me for half the map) Shortly after I enter mystery lake I saw the wolf down the tracks pick up my scent and start running towards me. All I did was turn left and track along the left hand side of the tracks down the embankment and out of sight. Then came back up further on and the wolf had run straight past me to the point at which it first picked up my scent. As I said before the only time I get attacked is if I accidentally run into one coming around a corner or over a hill. As opposed to how they are now? because they totally reflect real life as all wolves are solo and only travel 500m in their life time.... No where in this thread have I mentioned I want wolves to reflect real life. I added the % chance of the wolves running away and the Alpha as a game mechanic. (spoiler it is in the title) Because if they always attacked no mater what then what is the point of fighting because it will always be a death sentence. At least in the mechanics I proposed fighting is an option. But the Aurora also highlights the wolves so they are easier to spot. This mechanic also makes wolf encounters more rare so everything evens out.
  6. PleXD

    Wolf Mechanics

    They are not a challenge at the moment. I never use a decoy (unless I am trying to hunt one), I never sneak and the only time I get attacked is when I accidentally run into one coming over a hill or something. If you just walk away from them and look back at them from time to time they never attack. As long as you do not stop you are fine. That is why I mentioned that they come back after initially being scared off. Perhaps with a new Alpha. It is also to give you options, you can run, build a fire, use a decoy, use a torch/flare, attempt to fight them one at a time or you can challenge the Alpha for high chance of scaring the rest off long enough for you to high tail it out of there.
  7. PleXD

    Wolf Mechanics

    Here we go again.... How about just replying instead of "Claiming" people do not know what they are talking about?
  8. If you have started the Hunt the bear quest then the Aurora stops for some reason. So go back and finish the bear quest and you will then get the Aurora. I think this is slightly bad design
  9. PleXD

    Wolf Mechanics

    While the current wolves make for an interesting game play I would like to propose some changes to the wolves First remove the single wolves from the main maps and replace with 1 big group of 4 to 5 wolves depending on map and 1 to 2 smaller groups also depending on map of 2 wolves. Each group will have a pack leader usually the one out in front and will either circle each map either clockwise or counter clockwise or have set paths with chance on which way they go (ie when they come to a T intersection they have a 48% change of going left and a 48% chance of going right or a 4% chance of going back the way they came. Once spotted the pack leader will follow the player like the current mechanics but the others will attempt to surround the player. If you manage to hurt or kill the pack leader there is a very high chance that all of them will run away. If you hurt or kill a non-pack leader there is a small chance the rest will run but expect the others to stay and you will get attacked again. If they do run it will not be for long and they will return to the last point of the attack or kill. If you have hurt a wolf to the point of it will die. Then the other wolves will first return to the point at which the dying wolf gets hurt then when the wolf dies they will go to that point and hang around for 1-5 hours. If they do no spot the player they will eventually move on. Bring back brandish when you are holding a torch or flare but instead of the wolves running away they just keep their distance and just follow you. You still can try to make them run by throwing the torch/flare, obvious implications if the throw fails to make them run. This will change several things within the game: Wolf encounters will become less likely over current but more deadly Carrying items that give off scent will become more dangerous Dropping a decoy will become more valuable Wolf meat and wolf pelt will become more valuable/ harder to obtain this means that either more meat can be added to the wolf or the parasite debuff can be scaled back/removed. This will work better if the moose gets added as the wolves will attack as a pack. There can be a slight chance that wolves will try to attack the bear. This can be a very rare encounter and if the wolves win and the player can scare off the wolves they will have a bear harvest. Or if the bear wins then and the player can draw the bear away then there is a wolf/s to harvest.
  10. With the first part it seems like you made the shot just as the bear attacked. I have had it happen when wolves have attacked. Just with the Aurora thing you need to hand in the Bear quest otherwise the aurora will not appear. I almost did the same thing halfway through the bear quest I went to FM to get into the bunker but after 2-3 days I realised the weather was not changing and probably due to the Bear hunt quest. After I handed it in I got the Aurora back.
  11. PleXD


    I think you maybe over stating the amount needed. At around 6 litres an average person dies. Even spread over a day it is very dangerous.
  12. PleXD


    What about seals or Walrus'? They would live near the coast and you would have to kill them fast as they would just jump into the water when attached and you would potentially lose your arrow or waste a bullet. But if successful the fat can be made into lantern fuel and with the fur you could make a nice little hat! (or anything...) I do think the calorie count is too low but at the same time I can go without food all day (essentially losing 0 calories) and then eat before bed. If hinterland ever fixed that then they would need to bump up the calorie count.
  13. thanks for pointing that out. Having never used a firestriker I assumed it was the same. My interest in this is having something you can craft/find so that when you run out of matches in Interloper you do not have to either keep a fire going 24/7 (meaning you cannot leave that base) or have to wait for a sunny day to make a fire. I am happy for their to be drawbacks although I am I do not entirely agree with your last statement here as I think people can learn if they need to. Plus there are books in the survivor side of the game. Some of the restrictions can be after after reading 2 fire books some of the random stones that are lying around turn into usable form of pyrites that you can make a spark out of. After reading 3-4 fire books you learn the crafting recipe for friction fire. (this means your fire skill is going to be fairly high anyway before you even learn the recipe.) In turn this would also make books worth reading and holding onto. you could use this method across all skills and crafting items (ie need to read a sewing book before you know how to make rabbit mitts etc)
  14. I posted the book by James White and the quote because it was conveniently already written out for me and I was only posting to point out (as the claim was it was impossible) that is was possible from a historical view point. However if you want a more in depth look try this Fire making Apparatus, Report of the national museum 1888 specifically pages 555 through to 571 which talks about tribes in Greenland, North Canada and Alaska (and conveniently it talks about Flint and steel/pyrites on page 571 onwards). I am not disputing that cold makes it harder however if you take a look at the pages I posted above (there is a good diagram on page 561) its about the eskimo having a mouth piece that they can assert downward pressure with. More down ward pressure with more spin creates more friction and heat and possible that this prevented any issue of cold air acting against it. There is also mention that moss was sometimes used directly at the base. This too would act an an insulator. I am not disputing that it is possibly an older method and far easier. I was just pointing out that it was possible to do. Back to the game: I believe the Firestriker is the in game method of flint and steel. But it would be good to have another method that can be crafted so that when all options run out you can craft something instead of relying on the magnifying glass. I am also happy to have it only cave/indoor/fishing hut use only.
  15. It is good to see. Also the fact he never says a word in any of his videos makes a nice change. I would say bring down the degrades factor to 1-2% as the High calorie consumption, low fire starting probability (rises dramatically with your fire level) and length of time needed to start the fire (also decreases with fire skill) is plenty to keep it balanced. I would also say put either a rabbit skin or a deer skin into the recipe list to make a pouch to keep everything dry as you travel and a cedar or fir wood piece also for the base. So it would look something like this Needs 1 cedar, 2 sticks, 2 cured rabbit skins and 2 cured gut to craft the firestarting kit High calorie consumption per use Degrades 1-2% per use Low fire starting probability, something like 20% (that drops dramatically in bad weather) for fire level 1, 30% for fire level 2, 40% for fire level 3, etc Long time needed to start a fire (decrease with fire level)