Bedroll spawns at interloper?


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11 hours ago, mystifeid said:

I think that is supposed to be the general idea. Are you very sure you want to be given this information instead of finding it for yourself?

Indeed, I'm pretty sure I don't need to be rhetoricized, because bedroll places possible determine a route at the beginning.

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1. ML Camp office

2. Winding River cave

3. Cave overlooking ML

4. Mystic falls cave in PV

5. Forest cave in PV

6. Scruffy's wolf den in DP


There's a certain pattern as you may see. All cave bedroll spawns are random (afaik) and don't have to be there in every game. :winky:

I'm pretty sure there are also more possible indoor spawns, but I don't remember them any more.. maybe the PV farmstead and Quonset or so.

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@alone sniper : Please don't quote text from a spoiler tag without using a spoiler tag yourself. (Just write [.spoiler] without the dot in front of your comment).


There is a rope near the river's southern access that you can climb up. On top you'll find a ledge with a few trees and a second rope - climb up that one as well and you'll reach the cave I was referring to.

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