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I find that current stamina/tiredness system is rather weak. Player tires really fast, even without doing anything particularly hard, and about 1/4 of my day i go on empty stamina bar.

So, the idea. Stamina amount for player is tripled, and is separated into 3 bars that could have different colors for better identification.

First bar, eg current part, is in turn split in 2 parts: rested, first half, that provides 10% bonus to most actions, in terms of effectiveness and speed, and content, second half, that has no penalties nor bonuses.

Once first bar is empty, instead of just staying on 0 till player rests, it goes on another round, tired, a full bar, but during that time player receives 10% penalty to all effectiveness and speed modifiers for most actions.

Once second bar is empty, player goes for last one, exhausted, receiving 25% penalties and slowly losing health, albeit at progressively increased rate. If player still doesnt get any rest before bar is empty, then he passes out for at least 6 hours, under any conditions. If conditions are favorable, eg hes not freezing to death or dying of hunger, then he sleeps for minimum 10 hours. This "mandatory" sleep cannot be interrupted, if you freeze to death during those 6 hours, then you freeze to death, nothing can be done about it.

Sleeping when first bar is active recovers both tiredness and health at normal rate; when tired, player receives 10% bonus to tiredness recovery, but 20% penalty to health recovery; for exhausted, tiredness bonus is 20% and health penalty is 40%.

On an unrelated note, again, id like health recovery amount to be cut at in half(at least), its way to easy to recover condition, which eliminates any need for it management.

Got mauled by a bear to the brink of death ? No problem, just sleep it off, one night should do. Condition recovery amount should be cut in half, plus various cumulative penalties should be applicable based on negative conditions that player has(both currently and in recent past). Why to frak i cant read a book when i have parasites, but i sleep completely ok ? WTH ?!?

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This might be a little too complicated, how would players learn to understand all these effects? However, I really like the idea that we could fall asleep anywhere and suffer compulsory sleep at some degree of fatigue. This would adequately reflect the real danger of succumbing to fatigue in freezing conditions and actually lying down in the snow to die. There could be some kind of warning like blackness closing in on vision from the edges and a commentary from the avatar.

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What is there to understand, i tried to make system that would come close to real thing. So, while it may not be completely intuitive, it shouldnt be incomprehensible either - you stay awake for long, you get tired.

Plus, ive been advocating for in game wiki for some time, where all that stuff could be explained.

And believe me, this is not complicated, originally this idea was about 3 times longer. I threw out a most of various conditions and requirements.

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