Halloween Update and Ideas


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So, with the "4 Days of Night" event underway, I had an idea! Hopefully Hinterland will see this.

Anyway, I instantly realized how much different the game played during this event. Endless nights meant the cold became even MORE of a problem, but wildlife was much sparse meaning wolves were less of a problem. So I began thinking, what if there were a custom scenario option?

Thinking back through other survival games, one game had this option, "Don't Starve". Now, I am NOT comparing these two games, I left Don't Starve for The Long Dark. However, this idea of being able to manipulate just how many supplies, wildlife, and weather patterns show up in the game would be interesting. I understand that Hinterland is going for a realistic feel for the game, but I feel this would deal with the longevity of the game. There would be the regular difficulty options for the beginning players, then a custom difficulty option for players who feel they are up to the challenge.

I don't know, what do you guys think? If a Hinterland employee is reading, is this feasible or adhere of the design philosophy?

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Id settle for them making it so the event game play didn't interfere with normal game play. That is, i love the special event, i just feel like im wasting my time because i run the risk of messing up a game already in progress so i started a new one. Would be nice to carry over some of those high calorie items to a game ive been in for a while. It might reinvigorate that current sandbox a bit

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