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  1. This has been so fun! Its cool that between updates you gave the community something to have fun with! Honestly, now with no cabin fever, I find this perpetual night a little easier than the regular game. That or I just suck at the game Keep up the awesome work!!!
  2. Yeah, it is a hard thing to do with the way the game is set up right now. I honestly won't be sad if they don't, it was just a thought. Thanks for letting me know @Wastelander!
  3. So, with the "4 Days of Night" event underway, I had an idea! Hopefully Hinterland will see this. Anyway, I instantly realized how much different the game played during this event. Endless nights meant the cold became even MORE of a problem, but wildlife was much sparse meaning wolves were less of a problem. So I began thinking, what if there were a custom scenario option? Thinking back through other survival games, one game had this option, "Don't Starve". Now, I am NOT comparing these two games, I left Don't Starve for The Long Dark. However, this idea of being able to manipulate j
  4. Interesting ideas here! I know Hinterland is against modding right now, but once story mode comes out, I hope they open it up more. They are really concerned about the long game for The Long Dark, and modding communities really help that issue. Keep up the great work @pixelb!
  5. I was wondering, because I have the time to think about this, if you could choose one song to be the unofficial theme for The Long Dark, what would it be? I gave I like Starsets' Point of No Return, because I feel like there are plenty of times where I am going to do something, and I either succeeded or die, but I have no other option. So I feel the song catches that emotion I feel as I'm braving the blizzard for food, or taking on a wolf because it was in my way. The lyrics in the beginning of the song really coincides with lore behind the game. What do you think? Do you agree, or would you
  6. It's been a while since I've played The Long Dark but I recently came back to it due to my increasing apatite for the knowledge of Geomagnetic storms. The idea of this Geomagnetic apocalypses has fascinated me, and The Long Dark's atmosphere really nails the emotions and feelings I am getting from researching this topic. Uncertainty, humility, and fear. I hope to share my findings of how The Long Dark's proposed setting may be not so far away, and maybe some fanfic to help dive us into the psychological and personal impacts on humans as a whole. And heck, maybe I could help share a few real wo
  7. With my life settled down in the coastal townsite, I was mainly running around looting houses and bringing them back to my house. Well, a blizzard hit and I was stuck inside for three straight days. With no food left, and six rounds of ammunition, I decided to go for a little hunting trip in the Mystery Lake area. I took a one day trip and killed two wolves, and braved the night outside. I found lots of ammunition and food around where I was set up (somewhere by deadfall), it was a bountiful trip. I felt like I was king of the world! Hauling the dead corpses of my kills, I decided to go home t