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One idea other people had (I'm just expanding on) seasons.  Now everyone has their different opinion on it but I think this may accommodate for others too.  The way the seasons would work is that 365 game days is like out days in Canada, although to keep up with the whole winter theme of the game the winter season will be more than half of the year while the other few months of the year is divided into spring summer and fall.  Now in spring and summer wolves and bears would be more common same with rabbits and other possible fauna.  The thing with seasons is that it gives time for saplings, bushes, and other things to recover.  Also, this should be its own game mode.  So people who want to play the classic mode can (No seasons)

Please tell me what you think!


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Seasons are on the roadmap, but I guess it's way too early for us to speculate just how they will turn out. But then again, it never is too early to speculate (yes, I like to contradict myself)

  • Maps are static, so I doubt that there'll be gradual snowmelt and such
  • Along with seasons, planting is on the roadmap, so we may get a renewable food source that doesn't involve murdering things up close
  • I suppose the wetness-mechanic will be more important, given that rain may replace snow in other seasons
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I don't see how they will make the other seasons challenging without just upping the wildlife (which will just turn it into a shooter).

Winter is hard to survive. Its cold. Nothing grows. Everything is frozen. Spring and Summer tho? The weather isn't a threat (aside from an occasional freak occurrence) on a minute to minute basis. Food is plentiful, as is water. Animals multiply (rabbits would be everywhere). Sunburn/stroke can be handled simply by staying out of direct sunlight. Unless that made Winter x100 harder, and you had to spend the other 9 months of the year preparing, I dont really see how the other months will handle.

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