Invisible Rock


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If you walk above the cliffs at the east side of the Train Unloading i Coastal Highway, you'll come to a point where you start floating upwards from the ground and then falling down again with a certain risk of injuries. Theres no sign of a rock at that spot. This is not far from the border of the map and when playing Interlooper, there is a deer carcass not far from this spot.

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Pic 1 : Coming from Train Unloading. The rock starts where the fottprint stops.

Pic 2 : The other side of the rock after i crossed it. I was blocked from going back.

Pic 3 : To go back, i had to go towards that Deer Carcass and then go upwards before going back. When going back further up, i stumbled on other invisible rocks right up from this first invisible rock. But those gave me no problem walking over.

Pic 4 : Further down you can see that hidden cabing that you find at the road when going up to train unloading.





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