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  1. It's not a full list. We are tried to collect all info here, But i suggest hinterland to take one of russian language in game workshop.
  2. Hi! Is there any chance to get an subtitles for this podcast?
  3. Hi, i walk around and was able to climb on the fance and move along fance. But my footprints was on the ground...
  4. I can use forge without a fire... Only hammer is needed
  5. translate to eng: i've go down hill and have a jump. After that i stuck between tree and a rock. i press pass time and save the game (hoping that after loading bug will go away). After loading i can't move. ТС, На будущее - если ты застрял, то не надо сохраняться, надо выходить и грузить последнее сохранение. Сохранение и последующая загрузка никогда не помогает в таких случаях.
  6. did you try to reinstall the game? or check cache?
  7. can you record an video of issue with game sound?
  8. can you add a screenshot throught F8 key?
  9. There is no subtitle (Closed Captioning) text for SndVOFemaleTeethChattering5 (386738361.wem) ???
  10. When harvesting marple or birch samples with hacksaw there is sound of hatchet hits...
  11. I think, that sign n-s-v-e on vane (PV, barn) wrong arranged . (i understand, that arrow show direction from which wind blow). On one screenshot i show vane (with letters) and radio tower(far away), tower look's like on the east or north-east. But on official map of Great Bear Island, tower is on the west/north-west. on pic of Great Bear Island i try to print (blue signs) directions of the letters on the vane.
  12. lamp was in hand or..?
  13. game say that unable to locate a running instance of Steam
  14. no-no! Just continue work on story mode!
  15. yep, if temperature will be like -2147483648, you must be frozen in milliseconds.