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  1. Ciliate, the one i would like to mention is neither a woman or went to Mt Everest. But i do for shure think he would fit in to those stubborn types who doesnt die no matter what happens to them. Jan Baalsrud : He was a soldier in the "Linge Company" and one of 12 soldiers who in 1943 where sent to North-Norway on a sabotage mission, disguised as fishermen. The mission failed as they where attacked by germans. And as a result Baalsrud where the only one who managed to escape and get himself to Neutral Sweden. To make a long story short, his journey to Sweden included : Got shot in his left foot. Had to swim trough ice cold water twice. Taken by an avalanche who burried him up to his chest. Walked around snowblind for three days until he suddently crashed in a house wall. Walked trough 4 blizzards. Due to severe frostbites had to amputate his own toes on both his feet with a pocket knife. Spent 10 days in a wet snowcave on the top of a mountain and low on food. Spent 17 days in a small stone cave. After Baalsrud had recovered at a hospital in Sweden, he return to duty and was asigned as an instructor. He died by cancer in 1988. His last wish was to be buried in a small village named Mandal. During WWII civilians was warned by the Germans that those who helped the enemies, would get executed. Yet, the entire village of Mandal had stepped up to help Baalsrud. If you want to know more about his survival, nytimes wrote an article about him : Nytimes Article
  2. Eilif

    Hei alle sammen!

    Jeg er også fra Norge. Har spilt TLD siden det kom ut. Som Sirenesong, har jeg også presentert spillet til andre. Men det virker som det ikke har vært av den største interessen for dem.
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    When you follow the railtracks from CH to FM, you'll see a dozens of places with railwagons but a train only once. It looks a bit silly with all those wagons on the rail but no trains. How did the only train get there with all those wagons blocking both side of the track? It would have been nice with some trains with all those wagons. And if there comes a new region following the rail track, it would have been nice with a train station or something else like a workshop. Or maybe some passenger wagons. At least some side tracks to make it look a little bit realistic.
  4. Yes, this isnt a map ideal for setting up a base. And it doesnt have big amount to loot from. So in that way, its not a region worth a visit unless you want a challenge in living here for as long as possible. The map is one of smallest, so crossing it doesnt take much time, but can be tricky until you learn the best route. But i am happy for finally have another region to explore. And i like the mood when fog comes in over the marshland. Its beautiful. And its also nice to have a second option to rikens forge. The only reason i can come up with for going here in an original game, would be if i runned out of for example matches and have looted all other regions.
  5. I only once out of about ten times managed to defend myself with fist only. Heavy hammer is also almost impossible. It all comes down to avoid the wolfes. And if i need to go somewhere with high risk of contact with wolf, i might wait for a blizard before i go.
  6. Pic 1 : Coming from Train Unloading. The rock starts where the fottprint stops. Pic 2 : The other side of the rock after i crossed it. I was blocked from going back. Pic 3 : To go back, i had to go towards that Deer Carcass and then go upwards before going back. When going back further up, i stumbled on other invisible rocks right up from this first invisible rock. But those gave me no problem walking over. Pic 4 : Further down you can see that hidden cabing that you find at the road when going up to train unloading.
  7. If you walk above the cliffs at the east side of the Train Unloading i Coastal Highway, you'll come to a point where you start floating upwards from the ground and then falling down again with a certain risk of injuries. Theres no sign of a rock at that spot. This is not far from the border of the map and when playing Interlooper, there is a deer carcass not far from this spot.
  8. So many say you have to go to DP. You cant survive without knife and Axe. I dont agree on that. Going to Riken is for me a bigger risk than what i think its worth. I am currently at day 55 and doing good without knife, bows and hatchet, except from that i never found a jacket and only taken down 2 wolfes so far. One With the flaregun. Actually i needed 4 shots before i finally hit a wolf. But except from that i have the other warm clothings. Having a bow & Arrow is ok, but not needed if you go for fishing and snares. Even Interlooper have the freedom to make your own story and path to go for.
  9. 1 : I am really scared of heights. And crossing the the railbridge in the ravine fills me with panic. 2 : I once had to climb up a tree and wait 11 hours for an angry moose to give up on me. 3 : Moved to a small town north of the treeborder 8 years ago. And now i really miss the trees. 4 : I once caught a salmon with my bare hands when crossing a river. 5 : I dont like fishing, havent been out fishing during the last 20 years. When i was a kid, i felt sorry for the fish. I loved going icefishing with my father but never wanted to get any fish and eventually found a technique not to get the fish to bite. My father never figured out why i never had any luck. 6 : I grew up in a typhical North-Norwegian fishing village with sea food for dinner 5-6 days a week. Needless to say, those people really know their traditional seafood dishes but sucks when it comes to meat. 7 : I once saved a man who shot himself in an attempt of suicide. He later got married and now have two kids. He lived in an appartment we rented out in our basement. That led me to trouble, as the police searched the house and found my moonshine. 8 : My grandfather worked all his life as an whale and sealhunter. His passion on the other hand was knitting and sewing. 9 : My other grandfather worked as an novelwriter, librarian, shopkeeper, photographer, choreographer, chairman for the local nurseunion and an accountant for the local rightwing party. In his sparetime, he loved dig inn as an genealogical, sing in a choir. and work with his garden where he planted several trees of species that shouldnt be able to grow that far north. (Did i mention i really miss trees). 10 : I use my sparetime to get an old Mini Cooper in shape.
  10. I think most players understand and Accept the fact that not all elements can be completely as in real life. And it shouldnt, as theres always a thin line where "Fun to play" could become "to easy without challence" or "impossible hard". I dont find the unable to sleep trough a night unrealisticly, as i rearly sleep more than 7-8 hour in real, unless i am unusually tired. And i dont think for that matter, this is the issue, But rather what you are supposed to do for the rest of hours during darkness. The houses could maybe be a little colder even tough the sun can warm up rather much at daytime, But if it where completely realistic, shouldnt it also be impossible to get water from the toilets and all plumbings likely broken and created a mess? I dont think this game would be fun to play with cold houses and it would make it almost impossible to last more than one day on Interloper. The real issue for me are the BD or Cabin Fever if you like. Cabin Fever is a psychological problem due to being stucked for to long isolated or indooors. The symptons are bad mood and sometimes sleeping to much. The game havent included any psychological aspects of being alone in the wildernes and unless an "Mood" condition will be implemented in the game, having this little part is very hard to understand why its there. And how its done now, cabin Fever has been chanced to a serious disease of Insomnia where you eventually die unless you find a place outside to sleep. What i like about this game is the freedom to play and do whatever i like as long i dont die. Compared to other open world games, i often find that other games wouldnt matter if its open world, as i eventually have to follow the path of where the game creator want us to go. Then came the cabin Fever and it feels like some of the freedom of choosing your own way is forced away.