Unique rare tinder drop!

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2 minutes ago, MarrowStone said:

Yes. The Chernobyl wastes are no match for my survival skills... and my Storming Obokan Rifle!

Yeees, but you see tovarich, you may think Zone is hard, but I heard new Zone in Canada has no power. On upside though, their wolves look normal and only one anomaly.

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20 minutes ago, MarrowStone said:

Gasmasks AND Freezing cold? Count me in!

Imagine how hard STALKER would be in a TLD event - your Geiger counter is dead, no exoskeletons (though that probably makes Monolith a bit more bearable), no hilarious bandit radio, no flashlights, no supply trucks, no Gauss rifles... though the brain scorcher and other such lovely contraptions would probably be out as well :D 

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