Oversan issue with HUD on Xbox One


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Hi guys,

Digging the latest update, but it has created an issue: since I have an older TV, I can not see all of the icons that are on the edge of the screen in the HUD. Icons like the heavy load indicator are not even visible, I can only see the very top of the icon which looks like a small white line.  I only know it's the heavy load icon from months of playing. Obviously this wasn't an issue on any of the previous versions (I've had the game about a year). 

Is there a way to adjust the HUD so I can see all the info? Most games these days have that option. FYI, there isn't an adjustment on my TV for that. 

Thanks for the killer game and keep up the great work!

- Jake

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hey jake, welcome to the forums, bro! :D

i too am experiencing this. the game is still playable, mind you. but its just very annoying. im playing on a 30" sanyo plasma screen. it'd be great if they could give us a setting to change the display border to fit our tv.

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1 hour ago, Support said:

This is something we're looking into, but check to see if your TV is in "Screen Fit" or similar mode. When set to 16:9 mode most TVs don't display the overscan region. 

thank you very much for the quick reply, you guys are awesome! :D

i just took a quick look through my tv's settings, however, and there is no option for screen fit. in fact, i've discovered that my tv doesnt have many of the options that these "newer" models do. it's not a very big deal, however, i can wait for the fix. thanks again :)

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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. I checked and there is no option on my TV to select 16:9, it's automatic. I can increase the overscan effect, but not decrease it. 

Like Tbone555 said, it's still playable. Thanks again and will wait for update.


thanks for the welcome bro! 

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