Interloper created tools?


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So I understand that on Interloper, that you have to create tools rather than find them. What tools are creatable and are they only creatable in interloper? So far, I've been staying nice and safe playing on voyager because that is challenging enough.

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Spoiler-free answer: You can craft a bow, arrows, a hatchet and a knife.

Spoiler-infested answer:

Grab some scrap metal, coal and a heavy hammer if you can find it, go to Coastal Highway, find the ship. There's a forgen there. Light a fire in the forge, add the coal until it's at working temperature, then craft away. You can do this in any experience mode, but only in Interloper are you more or less required to do so.

I, too, prefer Voyageur. Interloper is a very nice addition for those who craved a harder difficulty since it's crazy hard (at least in my opinion), but it's just not for everyone including myself.

Oh, and before I forget: Welcome to the forums! :orange_soda:

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