Invisible Snow Shelter


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Sometimes, when i go inside Snow shelter, he stay invisible. I can sleep there, but cant go outside, because there is no text "Exit Snow Shelter". Only way is saving, exit game and go back, then is all OK and shelter is again visible. Its hapend many times in different places. Problem start with this version of game, earlier with v.349 was all OK.

1) First picture inside shelter, all is OK.


2) Same place, same shelter, but he is invisible, you can see throw walls.


My PC:

Lenovo T530

i5-3210M @2,50 GHz
QM77 motherboard
Intel HD4000

Windows 7 Pro

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I ran into this problem twice, am working on duplicating but it seems to be hit or miss.  I had thought it was because I tried to set the shelter up in an area with very little available space, but I've been able to successfully set the shelter up in those two spots.  Quitting the game seems to solve the problem, but it was a bit of a bummer to have to do that slog again.  I was in DP both times once up near the light house (first snow tent ever, was just trying it out for size) and once over near the deer spawn spot between Katie's and the water.


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