Disappearing arrows and bedroll durability


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Got attacked by a wolf in Timberwolf and dropped my bow and last arrow during the attack. Standing up and looking at my arrow to pick it up, it just simply disappeared! I suspect the arrow I just shot not five minutes before suffered the same fate as I could not find it where I saw it land on the ice. Sorry no picture or video - didn't know that was going to happen. No arrows left now until I move on. 

I have also noticed during an animal attack the bedroll will go from 99% durability to 0 sometimes. It also will do the same within just 1 game hour if left laid out flat in a cave. Weather was fine. 

Looking forward to the story mode and sandbox updates! LOVE this game!

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about the arrow that landed on the ice, if that ice was the lake surface then it might be that the arrow slid all the way to the distant shore after hitting the lake surface. When that happens you can see a little puff at the shore as it hits.
It happened to me many times, and I think it's pretty cool :)
So, it's worth checking that shore, if you remember where it was.

About the arrow that you dropped after the wolf attack I don't know.
Sometimes small objects might be hidden by the ground geometry, but you say you were looking at your arrow, so you should have been able to pick it up...

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I saw the arrow on the ice, didn't slide far, but was gone when I walked to it. I can appreciate it may have gotten lost under some snow, maybe. 

No little bumps to hide the other arrow under, just flat snow. Was there, but not an item I could interact with, then gone. 

Thanks for the responses. Will let you know if it happens again. 

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