Vanishing Deer


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It's not a bug. When you shoot - you miss, and deer run away. Variants:

1) the weather turned bad and you can't find any of deer.

2) deer was scared by wolf in differen location (there he was spawned) and he come to farmhouse. When you scare deer again - he's back in original location.

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I mean it disappeared immediately by the time it should be hit by the arrow. I had a clear view of the deer, and also I doublechecked if it ran away. 

1) @shw The weather was clear. I should have found it if it just normally ran away. 

2) @shw There is a normal spawn point of two deers between the Farmhouse and the road, I saw them regularly.

3) @selfless That's a good guess! Thank you!

4) @cekivi I checked the spot immediately, it had no time to bleed out. 

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