After a few months I've come back to play. Just a few things.


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So, I started a new stalker sandbox on Costal Highway, I like the challenge, it makes me enjoy the exploration even more. On my previous playthrough I had only explored Mistery Lake and then Costal Highway and I gave up playing because of boredom, too much meat, too many object in CH after coming from ML, I also had cheated a little bit with the save files and the experienced was ruined, now I'm happy again. Intestinal parasites are so good, I've got them twice, second time it wasn't really fair (only 2% risk) but still cool for the game.

I've discovered Pleasant Valley, I'm having a lot of fun exploring it and searching for Timberwolf, I'm now on day 32.

So here there are my little (the game is mostly perfect) feedbacks so far:



1) Wouldn't be possible to have an indicator of time played in the stats of each sandbox? I don't like to be tracked by steam so I usually open the game directly.

2) In the radial menu, when you go in the light source section, instead of having the % of each items wouldn't be better to have the total number of each thing? Like 300 matches etc. I like that items don't stack in the back pack since they have different %, even if they do not decay, but it would be satisfying to have a total number in that section of the radial menu, like "wooo I've so many matches"

3) The character voice really needs an expansion and rework, this would be not so difficult I suppose. I'm playing as a lady. There're not enough line of text, they're too much in sync with the change in condition, sometimes this precision is annoying. But most of all there're logical inconsistencies in the text, like I'm just near an home and she says "I need to find a place to rest" what? no... "I need to come back in" or "I should come back to the house/shelter", you got the idea. It really breaks the experience when you play a lot, and I absolutelly like the voice and the idea of a voice.

4) The biggest thing I've noticed after the few months break is the new color gradings. I appreciate the change but to me those are really not finetuned yet, in the green/pink/yellow period the dark are overly saturated, there is no nice relation between different colours. I've just tried to do a fast fix, with control over different elements, background etc you can really do better. But I already prefer it over the originals.

Some before and after.



















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I don't know maybe I should open a topic specifically for that, it ruins a lot. I tend to avoid to play on those hours because it's really ugly.


I've keep playing and thinked about the voice again. The thing is that when you become stronger you like to risk and having a voice that is never ironic about the situation is really in conflict about your mood. In stalker there should be some line of dialogues like "This is surelly cold but I'm not easely scared now" or something like that. And damn those shelter things has to be changed, it's awful to have "I must find a shelter" when you're inches a way from your bed.

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I don't have a problem with the saturation at all -- artistic license in an artistic game.

 A couple of the colors chosen evoke nothing for me -- in particular the salmon pink and mint green that seem so common in game.  Can't say I have any fond memories of landscapes in these colors.  That's unusual for me, because I'm an outdoors person with an emotion relationship to color going clear back to early childhood.  

For real life snowy landscapes my favorite lighting is golden highlights with purple-blue shadows.  Nothing says "come out and enjoy the afternoon" to me more than those colors.  I spent a few hundred game days in the Ravine prior to the recoloring, back when it had golden highlights.  It was glorious when the sun came out, and made the Ravine feel like a special refuge in the harsh TLD world.  Now it's another place with a mint green murkiness that no amount of sunshine can dispel.  I miss the old Ravine, but again, artistic license.  Maybe the intent is to make the landscape alien and foreboding.  

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