Crash upon entering gas station in Coastal Highway.


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Was trying to enter into the Quonset Gas Station from the front entrance when it wouldn't complete the load / save. Just a black screen. I hit F1 a few times to see if I could light my lamp but while I could hear the it lighting, it never lit. After a few minutes, I closed out of the game, and relaunched. I found that all my hard work was for nothing as it restarted me back inside the gas station when I woke up. To add insult to injury, when I attempted to leave said gas station from the back door, it crashed. Attached is the crashed file report.

2016-08-13 crash

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7 hours ago, mjv96 said:

Any ideas on what's causing this or the latest crash?

Couldn't extract exception string from exception (another exception of class 'OutOfMemoryException' was thrown while processing the stack trace

ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 'Attempt to access invalid address.'

it's like a Unity rarely problem with some specific computer hardware or/and computer options

can you provide:

1) free space on disks?

2) windows settings for swap file?

3) did you try to play game with "-force-d3d9" key???

4) do you try play with different "compatibility modes"??? (win 8, win 7, etc)

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1) 1.84 TB of free space, so definitely not a space issue.

2) currently running windows 10 so i'm not sure about settings for the swap file. if you can provide instructions, i'll be glad to get the info.

3) never heard of a "-force-d3d9" key but after a bit of googling, i can give it a try. don't think it'll hurt and it might help.

4) hadn't thought of trying a different compatibility mode as TLD had been running so nicely under Win10.


** updated - Tried the "-force-d3d9" key and that didn't help. Still crashing upon exiting the gas station. Latest files below.





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ok, it's not a free space issue, not problem with graphic driver.

2) right mouse button on my computer -> settings (or type in adress field Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System), then choose (in left list) advanced system settings. then go to advanced tab->perfomance-> settings button. advanced tab->virtual memory->change button.

4) if you try different different compatibility mode, you nothing lose =)

still try ask google on this problem, but with no luck...

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