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  1. 1) 1.84 TB of free space, so definitely not a space issue. 2) currently running windows 10 so i'm not sure about settings for the swap file. if you can provide instructions, i'll be glad to get the info. 3) never heard of a "-force-d3d9" key but after a bit of googling, i can give it a try. don't think it'll hurt and it might help. 4) hadn't thought of trying a different compatibility mode as TLD had been running so nicely under Win10. ** updated - Tried the "-force-d3d9" key and that didn't help. Still crashing upon exiting the gas station. Latest files below. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt autosave.zip
  2. Any ideas on what's causing this or the latest crash?
  3. Not sure if this is related but was making my way to Desolation Point from the Quonset GS and the game crashed with the following message: Fatal Error in GC Too many heap sections Attached are the logs and game save file. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt game save.zip
  4. Ahh, ok then. Just wanted to make sure of that.
  5. ya i tried that in the past but they didn't come out that well. still a decent use for tinder plugs once they become pointless. Thanks Dirmagnos and Wastelander - time-consuming it was indeed but I've yet to get lost and die by blizzard since I did that. I count about 10 "steps" and then just turn 90 degrees to the left and light up another fire. made me think that it would be nice instead of no longer needing fire plugs / tinder, that instead those items would make it easier to light a fire / maintain a fire in windy situations.
  6. So within the past 15 minutes, I've had this happen 2 more times, once again from Quonset Gas Station and another time from one of the nearby houses. Attached are yet more logs. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log
  7. +1 for modding. I've played many a game to the end but when I mod them, it always breathes new life into the game. It's true that it will change the nature of the game but at the same time, it's a personal choice to actually use a mod. In some cases, the modding community has saved a terrible game from drifting away into the night. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a vanilla game but don't limit the communities creative talents but turning it into another Sid Meier's Pirates. Let the modder's mod the game and let the gamer's choose whether to use the mods or not.
  8. Yup, I've died once due to my getting lost on the water at night in a blizzard. Won't let that happen again. This is the only map that I do this on though.
  9. 194 days in and I've not once seen the Aurora or any of it's effects...is it even in the game yet?
  10. It's a very time consuming task but boy does it help at night and in a blizzard. I've got trails all over the water front of Coastal Highway. 1 stick, 1 magnifying glass, and a mind numbing amount of RL time gives me some protection should I find myself on the water in a blizzard.
  11. So it's happened again but this time it seems to ONLY happen when I exit out the back door of the Quonset Gas Station. If I go out the front door, I'm good, exit out the back door and I get a CTD with error report. I really hope someone is looking into these. output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp
  12. Any ideas on what happened here? Am I doomed to spend an eternity locked in Quonset Gas Station?
  13. Was trying to enter into the Quonset Gas Station from the front entrance when it wouldn't complete the load / save. Just a black screen. I hit F1 a few times to see if I could light my lamp but while I could hear the it lighting, it never lit. After a few minutes, I closed out of the game, and relaunched. I found that all my hard work was for nothing as it restarted me back inside the gas station when I woke up. To add insult to injury, when I attempted to leave said gas station from the back door, it crashed. Attached is the crashed file report. 2016-08-13 crash report.zip
  14. mjv96


    I recall in one of the earlier videos they put out one of the dev's mentioning there might be NPC's added down the line. I've no idea if that is still the case or not.
  15. mjv96


    Here's the thing, when this game finally goes "gold" (horrible pun intended), there may be NPC's in the game who would recognize it's value. Last I recall, gold has been a standard in currency and hasn't really lost it's desirability in the past 2000+ years or so. So who knows...there may as of yet be a need for it. As for an addition to the sandbox, unless that bear is just being an aggressive car salesman as he's standing over me tearing at my clothes and flesh, there isn't a need for it.