The 1 thing that always kills you?

Quarbani 79

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On 7/22/2016 at 0:18 AM, Quarbani 79 said:

Not the weather or lack of food or a wolf or a bear. Another corrupted save! Good job guys

Could you describe the situation where you ran into trouble with your save? What were you doing on the Xbox before and after you noticed the issue with your save? This will help us understand what might be happening.

And have you tried power cycling your console to resync your system with the cloud?

(I had asked this in your other thread, but didn't hear back)

Thanks for your patience.

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I slept in the gas station to trigger save, then quit to menu, went to dashboard and quit app like I always do. The next day I turned my Xbox on, signed in and loaded up the long dark. My save was there and I pressed A to resume, I got that funny noise and I couldn't load it. I quit the app from the dashboard and power cycled like you said. When I put the game back on, it said syncing data and my save has completely disappeared. This is pretty much what happens every time I lose a save. 

It's always around the 30-50 day mark. I have played challenge modes a few times, even up to 75 days on nomad and never lost saves. Always lost them on sandbox though.

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Prior to the TWM update the January fixes there were some significant ways to lose your save data. Those are fixed, but what you're seeing sounds a lot like corrupted save data (and is unfortunately something to be expected with in development titles. We also see this on PC/Mac/Linux. Save data management becomes increasing complicated as you continue to add more for the game to save.) Unity doesn't give us a lot of information when this happens, but we are currently working on solutions, but of course anything we do needs to be done with great care, as we don't want to make the situation worse.

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