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  1. I've only ever found one Guns Guns Guns and it's always in the same place every time I play....... bottom of the ravine in the train car.
  2. Wow, nice catch. If you have level 5 cooking that fish will Feed you for days! I wonder if it's possible to get a 7kg fish
  3. An update to this issue. It happened again in a fishing hut but this time it was different and weirder. I had a bedroll in my inventory and it was 86% then I backed out and when I reopened my inventory it was 85%. I kept doing this as quickly as possible and it dropped 1% every time I opened my inventory
  4. I've been living in a fishing hut for the last 60 days trying to finish off the 500 day achievement, so I've had a lot of time to fish.
  5. Must have been a random glitch because I reloaded my game and it seems fine now
  6. I arrived at poachers camp in forlorn muskeg and set up base. Then I tried to sleep and noticed my bedroll was at 6% which is odd as it was fully repaired when I got there. So I repaired it again and I opened my inventory to check it and it was literally decaying in front of my eyes at 1% every 2 seconds! Just restarted my Xbox and will now check again. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm sure if it only happens inside the train car. I will do some tests
  7. I'll post a pic later. I could really do with those bullets now as I'm close to level 5 rifle skill and they are possibly the only ones left
  8. I normally store stuff outside but I was carrying meat and got attacked by 3 wolves outside my house, I barely made it in alive so there was no way I was going back out to drop meat! Lol. But normally when meat goes to 0% it just has a Red Cross through it.......I never seen it vanish?
  9. The cabins in coastal highway have new interiors like the ones in mystery lake
  10. I put some wolf meat at 20% in the cupboard and slept for 8 hours and when I woke up it wasn't there.....was it a bug or did it just disappear at 0% Then I shot a bear and couldn't find it for about a day then when I found it and harvested it all the meat was at 0% i've played this game a lot and never seen a carcass go that bad so quick
  11. Lol, thanks but that wasnt my issue as there's always a permanent rope set up to pleasant valley. I was carrying over 50kg and my character was barely able to walk never mind climb or carry a rope!
  12. I'm holed up in Quonset gas station and noticed a box of ammo right under the bed, it's all the way at the back and I can't get the cursor to hit it from any angle......so annoying! Anyone else experienced this?