[BUG] Food eating with cooking skill more than 1 has a problem


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So I had a meat piece, 875 ccal. I eat it and my hunger lever shows I will eat 733 ccal (down there lower left corner +733)

But the meat piece disappears, no leftovers. Where is my 142 ccal? This meat piece was roasted with a cooking skill 5 and those calories are "extra", added by the skill.

If your hunger is bigger than a meat piece including "bonus" calories - you get full calories and meat disappears.

When the hunger is really small like 100ccal - you get 100 ccal from the meat and the rest stays as leftovers. 

But when your hunger is a little bit more than a "non skilled" meat would satisfy, but smaller than a "skilled cooked meat size" (damn hard to put it right with words) - THEN your meat disappears and you lose "extra" calories.

Hope you can replicate it because it works every time. You just need to be hungry for a narrow set of calories to see this bug.


With a bear meat (900ccal unskilled, 1135 skilled5) you can get your calories down to 1365-1599 range and eat a piece of "skilled" 1135 ccal bear meat - it will disappear.

The hunger should be wider than 900 ccal (more than original bear meat calories) and narrower than 1135. If it's more than 1135 the meat will disappear and will not sate your hunger so no buggy behaviour in this case.



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Ive been doing some testing on this, and what is actually happening is that anytime you eat only a partial amount, the leftover reverts to what its weight would be worth in calories without any cooking skill.  So, if the calories remaining in the food are in the range between original, and skill improved, the meat is simply gone. You only get the bonus calories from the skill if you consume the entire amount at once. I havent tested this with packaged food, as I rarely bother cooking it except very early in game when i need the warmth bonus.

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Tested it again and prover you right, Troy.

I took a piece with 1000 ccal (and 1 kg) and my hunger was 499 ccal, so I should eat 0.5 kg of meat and 0.5 kg should remain.

Leftover was a 0.38 kg piece 304 ccal worth. It was 1000 ccal per 1000 gram, it became 800 ccal per 1000 gram. So yes, it returned to a "unskilled" state. 


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