My first 50 Days!

Nervous Pete

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Yes, crack open the bottle of vintage red I have doubtless found in the Pleasant Valley farmstead cellar, for I have just unlocked my fifty days SHTF achievement - yay!

And that very same day I just finished crafting my bearskin bedroll. Now I just need a wolf coat and I'm good. It's been a compelling fifty days, living out, in and around the Pleasant Valley farmhouse, with a secondary base in the radio hut. All those close scrapes I had with blizzards howling in as I was pushing far out beyond Draft Dodger's Cabin and the Three Strikes Farmstead. That time I shot a bear from just outside the farmhouse and bagged him in one bullet, or the time I survived a night in a cave with a blizzard howling outside, but only just. Then there was the adventure to that far off cave where I found a bow and was ravaged by a wolf for the first time. Ah, splendid times. 

Speaking of wolves... I've noticed that they've been coming closer and closer to my farmhouse. It all started when one day I awoke to find two in the orchard beyond the car. Then there were three. Then four. They seemed to keep their distance at first, but a few days later one trudged as far as the driveway where it meets the road. And then there was the horrifying time when, a strong wind blowing in their direction, I foolishly went out to the car with a sprained ankle and wrist to fetch some rabbit meat from the trunk. A wolf picked up my scent immediately and made for me. I barely limped back into the house in time, the dire creature snapping at my heels. I can tell you my adrenaline was pumping fierce after that encounter! 

Still, I wrote that off as an aberration and figured that so long as I stayed well clear of the driveway, none would ever venture to trouble me. Then, on the night of the forty-ninth, I went to check my snares on the crest overlooking Heartbreak Bridge. I was skinning with my bare hands some freshly killed rabbit, when I heard a little whimpering squeak over the little snowy hummock beside me. I went to investigate, foolishly, for I was without a weapon. There on the other side, a scant dozen feet from me and well beyond the drive way was a slavering wolf. I barely had time to light my precious flare which, fortunately, made it scamper off. 

I am amazed at the Hinterlanders out there who shrug away a wolf encounter with a cocky smile and a wink, pointing at their towering stack of pelts. I find each encounter increasingly traumatic. I have but five rounds for my gun, although I have five arrows and two bows.

Maybe over the next fifty days I should take the fight to them... though I don't know, there are four of them - and they're so close to one another!

Anyway, just needed to ramble. I am loving this game, and it's great fun reading back over my journal - never missed a day to log my thoughts and feelings!



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What a great way to celebrate! Yes, a bottle of vintage red vintage (pun intended) is just the way to celebrate your first 50 days. I remember how I felt hitting that achievement the first time (have reached it twice now, going for the third time). 

Here's to you! Keep that journal going for 50 more days, and you'll be able to brag about your 100 day run!

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