ideas for story mode what (YOU) think?


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Judging from the trailers, some pretty dark things. I assume the protagonists know each other, the Storymode Reveal trailer seems to imply so. There will, according to the trailer, certainly be other survivors who will be in conflict with each other (at least I know of no term of friendship that includes beating someone senseless with a crowbar, but eh, it's a large world).

What I think will happen... yeah, the disaster happens, Will crashes, Dr. Greenwood might do so aswell. Perhaps she's even on the same plane as him, flying to some remote village to give someone medical aid - might even be the region we're playing in. They try to figure out what in the world just happened, come across other survivors, some of which are friendly while others need a bullet to the face. Slowly but surely it dawns upon them that the world as they know it has ended, and they themselves are the dawn of a new civiliation.

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