Hey! I'm Excorpion, Nice to Meet ya!!!


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Hey guys/girls/dogs/cats (nobody knows that you´re a dog/cat on internet...)
For real.... My name isn't Excorpion... 
My real name is José Pérez Labarca (it's a latin-american name, so you have to read it in spanish :P )
I'm currently 21 years old and I'm here to join the Hinterlands Forums community :) 

I'd love this game (The Long Dark) its has been a long time since i foun this survival game on the internet...
and i was afraid about play an Alpha version of any game... so i check some videos on youtube and after that
i download a pirate version of the game (SHAME! shame on my :( )
but after play it 1 day... i decided to buy it ASAP!
Its an awesome game and i really love it !!! 
buy it by Steam and played it on my computer i join the Steam forums quickly to help people and report any issues with the game...
My first thread was about a wolf that dies in front of my after 2 blizzards attacks and i didnt fight any wolves on those days...

Currently im not playing TLD cause i did everything in the game... i found all the locations, get all the stuff and i got all the achievments
and i dont want to fight in the rankings cause i want other things...
for now, im waiting the Story Mode and im playing other games... like
- League of Legends
- Heroes of the Storm
- World of Tanks
- The Witcher 3
- NFS Rivals (id love this game too)
- Darksouls (replaying it and trying to get all the things)
- Darksouls 2 (replaying it and... COME ON GIVE ME THE DRAGON WEAPONS!!!!)

Some games that i want to play are...
- Darksouls 3 (Oww you didnt expect that!! :P )
- Subnautica (im waiting for a big and more complete version of the game)
- Searching for other survival games...

So yeah, thats a lot of me... i dont know what more can i say... 
Hope that Story mode appears soon and keep playing more of TLD

cya !!!

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5 minutes ago, Patrick Carlson said:

Hey Excorpion, welcome to the forums!

Glad to see you've joined us. :durbear:

I've been playing quite a bit of Dark Souls lately as well. Definitely a game that doesn't like to hold your hand!


Hey Patrick... are you "hinterlandcommunity_patrick" ??? if you're... i know you (at least in forums) from TLD Steam forums

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