Do you like my idea of a realistic simulation for TLD

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Do you like my idea of a realistic simulation for TLD  

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Here is my old post

I like this post to be about how a realistic simulation can benefit TLD? Its not about making the game as real life as possible but having certain features simulate real life so players can have more choices and be more emotionally drawn into the game.  If a simulation can do this why would you want to keep the current model when an enjoyable simulation can provide more things to the players?

What a realistic environment will do:
Gives players more interaction with all the things in the area so they can do more with a specific plant, animal or item found in the game. So if I can do something with a plant or item in reality I can do that in the game.

There could be an ecosystem for the wildlife and a realistic AI controlling it. Creates many types of scenarios and players will be challenge to hunt and defend from predators. It gives a realistic atmosphere to the game so it feels real.

The environment could be realistic so things grow and die and players can have a deep interaction with the game. They can do and find more things In a dynamic changing environment which includes everything in the specific area like the plants, rivers, weather, terrain.  The developer can do more with plants and add more feature to it so players can modify it and use it for some things.

Simulation will be enjoyable
This is what I mean be realistic simulation because it would be enjoyable and not some boring game like in real life. Look at the truck simulation and see how successful it is and how many players love it? TLD can be like that too with out destroying the game play and fun.

  • I know it will make the game better because the dev will have the tools to add more things to the game then if it is just arcade.
  • You can play a single map over and over again because it changes over time because of weather effects.
  • The graphics can still remain the same but it helps if it gets more detail because of the realistic immersion and the things you can do.  
  • It be a living environment and this will give players more opportunities to find and do things.

What I am not asking in a realistic simulation:
It does not have to be exactly like in real life just keep the physics and other enjoyable features that makes a realistic simulation enjoyable like what I mentioned above

Fishing game example:
This is an arcade game when it first started out but it was getting popular and they added more improvement to keep it challenging like weather, improved the AI, Physics of the rod and also that their items can become broken over time.  It does not have a realistic AI fish population and another game has done this called Euro fishing. Fishing plant is not 100% simulation but it’s adding feature that makes it come closer. So TLD can also do the same and create an environment of which players can have the fun to survival like in reality in some areas.

These games are not perfect but just wanted to show some examples if anyone is having doubts about a simulation.

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More features mans more work, exponentially more work, since everything must work with everything and be balanced against everything. While generally its a great idea on its own, there is a fine line between wannts and cants.

There are plenty of examples, where developers tried to bite more than they can chew and it resulted in incomplete, buggy and generally crappy games, with one or two really great features, accompanies by a whole host of barely functioning and half-done ones.

So, priorities. Step by step, feature by feature.

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No problem with going slow and not a big rush because of funding and just how big it would be! So added +1 to your post! I posted this as i wanted to know how many will like to see it happen? As i also want to show the lead director that its okay to go down this road because it would mean more fun more choices more freedom! 

It does not need to be full blown either just step by step! I found this new dev game and i wanted to share it with you all to show it can happen! Graphics almost the same as TLD but it just has far more interactive depth with its environment. :) 

So there is not really anyone interested then i like to post this video and will you now see interest? Can you all see the vision now for TLD? Is it still too hard? :) 

This is not an AAA title and its already showing real wonderful survival ideas and its not even out yet! I love the ecosystem it will have! And the decision tree! Watch the videos on the site.

The Long Dark could have graphics like that! :)

Just read the blog so if there is excitment for that TLD should be even better because its been in development further! I am not even sure how big this team is for this game but TLD should be able to compete with this new game! Are you all super excited!!!!!! :) What do you all have to say now for TLD? Still not possible? Still the team can't do this? I have shown that it can be greener over the horizon if we can just walk over there and see it!  

Perhaps this game has huge team or perhaps has bigger fund to create this prehistoric game? I am not sure? It could just be a very small team?


Here some little things about the game i think it might be close development?


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